Positive results have been found through studying retention and grade point averages of LC participants...

Cohort Retention Rate % GPA**
Fall 2009 81/81 2.87/2.82
Fall 2008 82/80 2.93/2.94
Fall 2007 81/80 2.90/2.89
Fall 2006 81/78 2.88/2.82
Fall 2005 82/79 2.93/2.84
Fall 2004 87/81 3.01/2.84
Fall 2003 91/82 3.07/2.96
Fall 2002 86/83*  3.02/2.94






**The GPA data is adjusted using ACT scores as covariate for aptitude/ability.

At the conclusion of their first term at Ohio University, learning community participants completed an extensive survey evaluating their experience. Read the results here.

During the summer sessions of Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO), all incoming first-term students participated in a "Student Success" session, utilizing hand-held electronic devices ("clickers") to answer a series of questions regarding their readiness for attending Ohio University. The data collected during the three weeks (15 sessions) is here.