Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Join?
All first year students and transfer students are eligible to participate in a Learning Community their first term at Ohio University.

Why Should I Join?
Students who have participated in learning communities on average are more successful academically and report having a richer college experience overall than students not participating in such programs. The benefits of developing a strong support system as well as opportunities for cooperative learning contribute to this success.

How much does it cost?
There are no additional fees for joining a Learning Community, nor does it require all your time. You will take classes outside your community, room with students outside the program and become involved in other parts of campus life. However, when you have questions, need to get in a study group or want to grab lunch, you will always know someone to call.

How do I request a LC?
You will receive a letter from your academic program regarding the LC opportunities for you, or you can go to our “how to join” page and follow the instructions.

How will I be notified of the status of my request?
If you enroll in a college-based community or a specific population community, you will be notified by email or letter prior to Orientation of your acceptance.

What are the “necessary steps” to join a LC?
To enroll in a LC, you will need to complete the online application process AND have completed a housing contract and paid the housing deposit (or filled-out a housing exemption form. The housing deposit/exemption form is your “final” admittance step to OU).

Do I have to live in a special residential area to be in a LC?
Some of our college-based LCs ARE residentially based (please see the specific college-based pages) and some college-based LCs are non-residential, which means that you can live anywhere on campus. ­The majority of our LCs are NOT residentially based.

How do I register for a general LC?
During Orientation you will be given one call number to use to register for the community of your choice. That one call number will enroll you in two or three courses, the LC seminar course and one or two Tier II courses.

If I am placed in a residence hall that has an LC, does it mean that I am automatically in the LC?
Our residence halls are quite large and even if an LC is residentially based, the students in the LC are spread-out over the entire building so that you can get to know other students. ­The majority of the students in the residence halls are NOT in residentially-based LCs.

Will I be able to register for other classes in addition to those in a LC?
Yes. During Orientation, you will meet with an academic advisor who will discuss the coursework that would best match your interests and complement the LC classes that you intend to take.

What if I have AP credit for a course requirement and would like to sign up for a LC that includes this course, what should I do?
You can still sign up for this LC. You will need to send the university a copy of your transcript. Also, contact the LC Director to confirm that your credit has been received and you will then be exempt from the course.

What happens if I would like to be in a LC and my preferred roommate does not? Can we still live together?
Yes, if this type of accommodation is available. Fill out the housing contract and list the name and Personal Identification (PID) number of your preferred roommate in the area indicated on your contract.

What type of student is the LC program geared toward?
The LC program is geared toward all ability levels of students. Regardless of your major, there is an LC designed to meet your interests.

Is the LC for fall semester only?
The majority of our LCs are available for Fall Semester. ­Most of our programs are designed to assist students in their first semester at Ohio University. Students may choose to continue to take classes and socialize together on their own after fall semester. ­Check-out our page on communities for further information regarding specific community information.

Is it required that I take all of the classes that are clustered in my LC?
Yes. Students must take all courses that are offered with their community. The only exception is for those courses in which a student has AP or PSEOP credit.

What is the LC seminar course?
The LC seminar course is the hub of the community, which is thematically based and is taught by the students’ LC instructor. There is a Peer Mentor who is a teacher’s assistant for each LC.

Are all residence halls accessible to students with disabilities?
Not all residence halls are accessible. However, we are prepared to accommodate your request to live in an accessible area while participating in a LC.

What should I do if I need additional information?
If you have questions about the academic aspects of LCs, email us at or contact us by phone at (740) 593-1936. If you would like to ask about residential matters or housing assignments, contact Residential Housing at (740)593-4090 or, or visit them at