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John Gilliom

John Gilliom

Bentley Annex 261

John Gilliom received numerous awards for his teaching on law and American Politics.   His research interests center on the political and cultural dynamics surrounding the emergence of new forms of surveillance with a particular emphasis on gender, class, and the resistance of those who are targeted by surveillance programs.  He is the author of Overseers of the Poor: Surveillance, Resistance, and the Limits of Privacy (Chicago 2001) which explores how the words and actions of those who live under intensive monitoring challenge our prevailing ways of thinking about surveillance and privacy.  Gilliom is also the author of Surveillance, Privacy and the Law: Employee Drug Testing and the Politics of Social Control (Michigan 1994), as well as articles on law, legal theory, and the politics of surveillance.   His current work explores the implementation of nationwide standardized educational testing under No Child Left Behind, with a special interest in resistance and compliance; race, class and gender; the ideologies of the testing culture; and the reformation of school curricula in response to the testing regime. Professor Gilliom received his Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 1990.


  • Ph.D. at University of Washington (1990)


  • Surveillance, Power and the Politics of Resistance
  • Privacy
  • Popular Legal Consciousness
  • The Politics of Rights


  • Dean’s Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Arts & Sciences, 1996
  • Grasselli Brown Teaching Award, College of Arts & Sciences, 1997 & 2006
  • Presidential Teaching Award Nominee
  • University Professor Award, 1994


  • Pols 101: American National Government
  • Pols 301: The Politics of Law
  • Pols 305J: Writing on Political Science
  • Pols 402: American Constitutional Law
  • Pols 490W/590W



Gilliom, John. 2001. Overseers of the Poor: Surveillance, Resistance, and the Limits of Privacy. The University of Chicago Press.

Gilliom, John. 1994. Surveillance, Privacy, and the Law: Employee Drug Testing and the Politics of Social Control. The University of Michigan Press.

Articles & Chapters

Gilliom, John. 2008. "Surveillance and Educational Testing: No Child Left Behind and the Remaking of American Schools." In Mathieu Deflem, ed., Surveillance and Governance: Crime Control and Beyond. Sociology of Crime, Law and Deviance, Volume 10. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Gilliom, John. 2006. "Struggling with Surveillance: Resistance, Consciousness, and Identity." In Kevin D. Haggerty and Richard V. Ericson, eds., The New Politics of Surveillance and Visibility. Toronto, University of Toronto Press.

Gilliom, John. 2005. "Resisting Surveillance." Social Text 83: 71-83.

White, Julie A., and John Gilliom. 1998. "Up From the Streets: Handler and the Ambiguities of Empowerment and Dependency." Law & Social Inquiry 23, 1: 203-22.

Gilliom, John. 1997. "Everyday Surveillance, Everyday Resistance: Computer Monitoring in the Lives of the Appalachian Poor." Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 15: 275-97.

Gilliom, John. 1992. "Rights and Discipline: Competing Modes of Social Control in the Fight Over Employee Drug Testing." Polity XXIV, 4: 591-613.





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