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Group III Teaching Opportunities

The Ohio University Lancaster Campus/Pickerington Center seeks qualified part-time (Group III) instructors for the courses below, in some cases as early as the Spring 2014 semester. Assignment to courses is contingent upon the ongoing need of the campus and clearance from the Ohio University academic department. A minimum of a master's degree or doctorate in the content area is required in most cases.

To apply, please send a letter of interest, resume, three letters of reference and copies of graduate transcripts to Ms. Carolyn Bateson, Dean's Office, Ohio University Lancaster Campus, 1570 Granville Pike, Lancaster OH 43130-1097 or to in PDF form.


ATCH 1030 Financial Accounting Procedures

ATCH 1040 Managerial Accounting Procedures

African American Studies

AAS 1500 Africana Media Studies


ANTH 1010 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 2010 Introduction to Biological Anthropology



CHEM 1210 Principles of Chemistry I

CHEM 1220 Principles of Chemistry II


ECON 1000 Introduction to Economic Concepts

ECON 1030 Principles of Microeconomics

ECON 1040 Principles of Macroeconomics


ENGT 1200 Basic Electronics

ENGT 1170 Metal Machining I

ENGT 1500 Machine Repair

ENGT 2000 Electrical Motors, Control Circuits, and Computers


ENG 1510 Writing and Rhetoric I

ENG 3080J Writing and Rhetoric II

ENG 3620 Creative Writing: Poetry


GEOG 1400 Environmental Geography

GEOG 2020 Introduction to Weather


GEOL 1010 Introduction to Geology

GEOL 1300 Geology of National Parks

GEOL 2110 Introduction to Oceanography

GEOL 2210 Earth and Life History

Health Sciences

HLTH 2020 Introduction to Health and Lifestyle Choices

HLTH 3735 Information and Decision Support Systems for Heath Care Organizations

HLTH 4375 Health Care Policy

HLTH 4665 Administrative Applications in Health Care Organizations


HIST 1320 Introduction to World History Before 1750

HIST 1330 Introduction to World History Since 1750

HIST 2000 Survey of United States History,1600-1877

HIST 2010 Survey of United States History, 1865-Present

Interdisciplinary Art

ART 1170 Introduction to the Arts: Arts in Context


JOUR 1050 Introduction to Mass Communication


NUTR 1000 Introduction to Nutrition


MATH D004 Elementary Algebra with PreAlgebra

MATH 1090 Consumer Mathematics

MATH 1200 College Algebra

Plant Biology

PBIO 1030 Plants and People

PBIO 1150 Plant Structure and Development

Political Science

POLS 1500 Current World Problems

POLS 2000 American Politics, Policy, and Administration

Pols 2300 Comparative Politics


PSY 1010 General Psychology

PSY 1110 Elementary Statistical Reasoning

PSY 2110 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

PSY 2410 Child and Adolescent Psychology

PSY 2720 Psychology of Personality

PSY 3250 Psychology of Health and Illness


SOC 1000 Intro to Sociology

SOC 2000 Contemporary Social Problems

Course descriptions can be found in the Ohio University catalog on the web.

(Last updated on 10-5-12)

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