A Message from Program Manager Timarie Francis

Kids on Campus does make a difference!

Kids on Campus has been around for the past 17 years as a summer program that ensured student’s nutritional and educational needs were being met and then as an afterschool program where students were helped with homework, extended their learning day with enrichment activities, and received intervention in both reading and math. Each year we collected data to ensure that our parents/guardians were satisfied with the help and care their children were receiving, as well as data to see the gains that our students were making in reading and math. Consistently year after year the students that are served in our program have shown gains and positive personal growth.  However, until recently we have not looked at this data from a longitudinal aspect to see if over time the gains students were making were still positive, and if Kids on Campus was really making a difference in their lives.

Here are some of the numbers from that 5-year analysis:

  • 78% of the students served in the past 5 years showed positive gains in their reading scores.

  • Nearly 50% of students showed gains over 10 percentage points.

  • 74% of the students served in the past 5 years showed positive gains in their math scores.

  • Nearly 40% of students showed gains over 10 percentage points.

Overall the study found that YES, Kids on Campus made a very positive impact in their school outcomes, as well as their lives.

We are also very proud of the fact that KoC was back on Ohio University’s campus during the 2012 summer break. We implemented seven different learning tracks and students received two meals and a snack each day. This continued the legacy of our program. The following are the results of surveys given to parents, students, and staff as well as pre and post-tests given to students:

  • 97% of parents/caregivers rate the program as excellent/above average.

  • 92% of parents/caregivers feel their child is more prepared for the upcoming school year.

  • 70% of parents/caregivers saw an improvement in their child’s social skills.

  • 70% of parents/caregivers reported an increase in their child’s self-esteem.

  • 99% of the students gained swimming skills.

From our data, along with a recent report from the Children’s Defense Fund – Ohio that said nearly 1 in 3 Athens County children lives in poverty, it is evident the need for this program now and in the future. That is why I have made the following commitment to Kids on Campus, the students, families, and the surrounding communities:

Going forward as the Manager of Kids on Campus I commit myself to continuous improvement within our staff and programming as well as staying with the current research and trends within the education field. I also commit myself to find the funding to be able to continue to provide the programming that is needed.

The knowledge and the data that I have received has certainly changed my perspective on our program.  But what has really impacted me as the Manager is the time that I have spent with our students and the smiles I see at the end of the day when they are loading up their buses. These faces and those numbers motivate me each day to find more funding as well as continuing to search for partners to strengthen our program. We hope that you will take the time to enjoy the photos we have on our site and if you have any questions regarding our program please use the contact info to contact us.

Thanks for your support.