Tobacco Cessation 


                                     Quit Tobacco.

                                   Be Bobcat Proud!


FREE Tobacco Cessation classes via the American Cancer Society's Freshstart Program® are available to all students on campus. If you want to quit tobacco or even if you are just thinking about it, this program is for you! You will learn about different strategies, techniques and medications that can assist you during tobacco cessation and make quitting easier.

Ohio University will become a tobacco free campus in the fall of 2015. Considering the price of tobacco products, the adverse health effects associated with cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, along with the trend that many employers do not want to hire tobacco users - the time to give quitting a try is now!

To complete the tobacco cessation program you will need to attend one class per week for four weeks. A free two-week supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy ($25.00 value) will be given to all student participants who complete the program.

Spring Semester, 2015

There will be two sets of classes held during spring semester. To complete the program you must only complete one set. You do not have to pre-register and all classes are open and free to Ohio University students:

First Set of Classes

Tuesdays, February 3 - February 24

12-1 pm

Room 230 Baker University Center

Second Set of Classes

Wednesdays, March 25 - April 15

2-3 pm

Room 230 Baker University Center



For more information about tobacco cessation contact:

Ann Addington, Assistant Director of Health Promotion


Call: 740.593.4749

Visit: Baker University Center, 321