Sober Bobcats 

Sober Bobcats

Having Fun Without a Buzz!


Sober Bobcats is an extension of the Collegiate Recovery Community for students who are not in recovery but seeking support in their decision to live substance-free. Students who want to live a sober lifestyle often have a difficult time connecting with other students on campus. Sober Bobcats was implemented to provide a safe and fun community where students can meet others, have fun, and make new friends. Sober Bobcats supports students who:

  • May have previously encountered negative experiences under the influence and choose to abstain from using alcohol and other drugs
  • May have a family history of alcohol or drug abuse and seek support in their personal decision of sobriety
  • Want to live a healthy lifestyle void of alcohol and other drugs
  • Want to have fun and socially engage with other students on campus without the use of alcohol and other drugs

How Can I Get Involved with Sober Bobcats?


You can contact and request to be added to the Sober Bobcats contact list. Activities and meetings will start fall semester and you will be notified via email about upcoming events. Events will also be added to this page as they are scheduled.

For more information about Sober Bobcats:

Call:  740.593.4749


Visit:  Baker University Center, 321