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Procedural Summary of MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering

The following steps summarize the procedure for completing the requirements for the MS in ISE:

  1. Choose a concentration area, a thesis advisor, and a topic as soon as possible.
  2. Complete a Plan of Study
    1. Obtain approval of the advisor and the ISE Graduate Chair.
    2. File in ISE Office before the completion of the first semester of full-time study
    3. Obtain approval for changes in Plan of Study, as necessary.
  3. Take ISE 6300 (Seminar) in the first semester (one credit hour) and ET 6020 (Technical Writing Seminar) in the 1st or 2nd semester.
  4. Complete all course work and meet with the thesis advisor to check if all requirements (except thesis) are met. This should be done concurrent with steps 7-9.
  5. Select the thesis committee with the advisor and file "Thesis/Dissertation Committee Information." See form for College deadlines.
  6. Write a thesis proposal and have it approved first by the advisor and then by the thesis committee at least one semester prior to the expected graduation date.
  7. Conduct research, write thesis draft, and have draft approved by the thesis advisor.
  8. Apply for graduation and pay the graduation fee at Student Records (Chubb Hall) prior to the announced deadline for the semester.
  9. Schedule the oral exam on a date prior to the announced deadline for the semester.
  10. Turn in "Arrangements for the Oral Examination on the Thesis/Dissertation" to the Office of the Dean two weeks prior to the oral exam.
  11. Submit copies of draft approved by the advisor to the committee members two weeks prior to the oral exam.
  12. Turn in "Report of the Oral Thesis Examination" to the Office of the Dean immediately after approval is given. (Not needed for non-thesis option).
  13. Turn in final thesis to the Dean's Office prior to the end of classes, or final non-thesis report to ISE Office before the end of finals week.
  14. If the study extends beyond six years, file "Request for Time Extension" with reasons and support from the advisor, and submit to the ISE Graduate Chair.


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