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Industrial and Systems Engineering Quarters to Semesters Transition

In Fall 2012, Ohio University changed from quarters to semesters, so the Industrial and Systems Engineering curriculum has been changed to reflect the new calendar. The ISE semester curriculum has been changed only slightly from the quarter version, which will facilitate the transition of courses taken on quarters to the semester curriculum. Most of the same classes are required, but the number of credits has been adjusted (e.g., 4 quarter-credit classes will now be 3 semester-credit classes).

The most significant change is that ISE 412 (Intro to Six Sigma) and ISE 435 (Quality Control and Reliability) are combined into a single course (ISE 4160). Based on a review of student records, there are no ISE students who have only taken one of the two courses, so this should not cause a complication for any students. Any students with questions or concerns about this plan should contact Dr. Dale Masel, ISE Undergraduate Chair and Q2S Coordinator at masel@ohio.edu.

In the curriculum, there are three year-long course sequences (i.e., 3 quarters) that will remain as year-long sequences with two semester courses:

·         Calculus

·         Physics

·         Project Management (1 quarter) + Senior Design (2 quarters)

For students who have taken only a portion of any of these sequences on quarters, transition courses will be available so that students won’t don’t have to retake an entire course and won’t miss material. For example, students who have taken Calculus I and Calculus II under quarters, a semester transition course will be available that is equivalent to the quarter version of Calculus III.

Even though the transition courses will be available, for simplicity in scheduling, students are encouraged not to begin the Physics sequence or the PM/Senior Design sequence on quarters unless you will be able to complete the sequence during the 2011-12 academic year. However, because of the importance of Calculus as a prerequisite for ISE and other courses, calculus should not be postponed, and students should make as much progress as possible in this sequence before the transition to semesters.

For each ISE student, a transition schedule was prepared in Spring 2011 and should have been reviewed by the student and advisor during the advising meeting to plan for Fall 2011 courses. Modifications to the plan (e.g. considering another Professional Concentration Area) were to be discussed with the advisor at this time. The final plan should be signed by the student, advisor, and the ISE Undergraduate Chair.

An example of a transition course plan can be seen here. Courses shaded in gray are electives and can be replaced by different courses from the same category. They can also be swapped between quarters without affecting a student’s progress. Non-shaded course are required courses or PCA courses and should not be moved because these courses are only offered in certain quarters and/or are prerequisites for subsequent courses.

Below are links to general listings of the course requirements, depending on the expected year of graduation:

·         Class of 2013 (1 year on semesters)

·         Class of 2014 (2 years on semesters)

·         Class of 2015 (3 years on semesters)

·         Class of 2016 (complete semester curriculum)


Questions about the semester curriculum or about transition schedules should be directed to the ISE Assistant Chair and Q2S Coordinator, Dr. Dale Masel, or to the ISE Department Chair, Dr. Robert Judd.

For information on Ohio University's Q2S plans, visit http://www.ohio.edu/q2s/.

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