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Communication Skills

Good communication is an essential part of being a manager. This includes oral skills, written skills, and the often-overlooked need to be an effective listener.

Becoming an Effective Listener

Articles: Effective Communication Activities *

Skills to Becoming the Most Effective Listener *
Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Communication *
What Did You Say? Clearing the Lines of Communication *

Podcasts: Improve Your Political Skill *
The Big 6: An Active Listening Skillset *
Building An Authentic Leadership Image *

Books: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People *Author: Covey,

Recordings: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (6 CDs) *

Presentation Skills

Webinars: The Essentials of Communicating with Diplomacy and Professionalism

Books: Communicating at Work * Author: Adler, Ronald B.

Written Skills

Books: Business English: The Writing Skills You Need for Today's Workplace
*Author: Geffner, Andrea B.
Essentials of Business Communication *Author: Guffey, Mary Ellen
Get to the Point *Author: Danziger, Elizabeth

Online: The Art of the Executive Summary *

*These resources are free of charge.

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