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Residential Learning Communities 

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are formal course groupings for students that offer a residential component to merge academic exploration with on-campus living. The academic components of RLCs are coordinated through University College’s Learning Community (LC) program, which also offers a large number of non-residential learning communities. Residential Housing works in collaboration with University College to enhance the academic component of LCs with the opportunity for community growth and development within our residence halls.

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Communication: James Hall

Students participating in Communications RLCs will live in James Hall on the West Green. The Communication RLCs support academic exploration and community engagement for students with a variety of communications interests. This RLC offers a supportive learning experience that exposes students to new ideas academically in addition to a variety of opportunities to connect within the residential environment. To find out more about the academic components of this community, check out the learning community site for the College of Communication here. The LC site features student testimonials and details about the linked courses in this program.

Education, General Focus: Jefferson Hall

Students in the College of Education RLC will participate in three common courses during fall semester that introduce participants to the College and broader University academic experience. This experience is open to students in any education major, RLC courses will count toward major and general education requirements. Participants will live in Jefferson Hall, conveniently located across the street from the College of Education and only a short walk to the College Green and uptown Athens. Check out the College of Education Learning Community page for information about linked courses, feedback from former LC participants, and a video about the LC experience.

Fine Arts: Lincoln Hall

The Fine Arts RLC offers unique academic and creative opportunities for students from a variety of Fine Arts interests, including dance, music, theater, and art. Within the RLC, there are multiple “Experience the Arts” academic options, providing linked courses for students with the benefit of rehearsal and studio space within their living space. Lincoln Hall houses dance and art studio space, a music and computer lounge, and flexible, multipurpose spaces. Recently renovated, the fully air-conditioned Lincoln Hall is located across the street from Putnam, Glidden, and Seigfred Halls, which house the schools representing the College of Fine Arts. Visit the Fine Arts Learning Community page for information about faculty and staff serving the RLC, academic offerings, and to see pictures of participants and program facilities.

Scholar Halls

Challenge your mind, build your network, and continue the conversation outside the classroom.

Read-Johnson Scholars' Complex - RJSC (HTC, Scholarship)

Located on the East Green, Read and Johnson Halls form the Scholars' Complex, which houses a number of students from the Honor’s Tutorial College (HTC) and other university scholarship programs (see list below). The complex features multiple study and community spaces for students to read, meet with a project group, or just relax. Read Hall also hosts visiting scholars who are encouraged to interact with students both informally and through planned engagements. The Read-Johnson Complex is located near Jefferson Dining Hall, the College of Education, and College of Fine Arts complex. It is also within easy walking distance to uptown Athens and the College Green. To learn more about this community, visit the Honor’s Tutorial College residence halls page or the RJSC homepage.

RJSC Eligible Scholarship Programs
  • Honor Tutorial College
  • Urban Scholars
  • Appalachian Scholars
  • Templeton Scholars
  • Copeland Scholars
  • Cutler Scholars
  • ACE
  • Russ Vision
  • King Chavez Parks
  • OHIO Signature Scholarship ($4500 or higher)


Hoover House (HTC, Scholarship)

The South Green is home to Hoover House, where many participants in the Honors Tutorial College reside. Hoover is laid out in a mod configuration. Each mod has three hallways with six residents living off of each hallway. The hallways lead to a community living space. This space is conducive to studying and socializing, whatever your mood. Hoover is convenient to Ping Recreation Center, Nelson Dining Hall, and Athens’ 20+ mile bike path. To learn more about this community, visit the Honor’s Tutorial College residence halls page.

Perkins Hall (College of Arts and Sciences Scholars)

Scholars participating in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Scholars program have the option of living in Perkins Hall on the East Green. Scholars will take a connected course each semester that facilitates intensive discussion, reflection, and writing. First year CAS Scholars are encouraged to live in Perkins to take advantage of planned and casual academic, community, and social programs. Perkins is located next to Shively Dining Hall and is also within easy walking distance to Morton Hall and the College Green. To learn more about this community, visit the College of Arts and Sciences Scholars’ page.

Service-Living Community

Jefferson Hall is home to the Service-Living Community (SL), a partnership between Ohio University and Good Works, Inc., a community organization serving people of all ages living in poverty in Appalachia. Participants in the Service-Living group have the opportunity to participate in a variety of one-time and ongoing projects serving different groups in need. In addition to service activities, SL members participate in educational and social programming to better understand the needs of the surrounding area but to also build a strong community at Ohio University. Jefferson Hall is located on the East Green, close to the Colleges of Education and Fine Arts. The hall is only a short walk to the College Green and uptown Athens. To find out more about SL staff and projects, check out the Service-Living site.


Sustainable Living Community

The Sustainable Living Floor will focus on providing a living environment for students who have made a decision to live in a more sustainable way.  Students will have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of exciting programs focusing on different sustainability themed concepts, topics, and skills. 

Sustainability, as defined at Ohio University, is the concept of utilizing resources in a way that does not negatively impact the ability of future generation to utilize the same resources (adapted from the Brundtland definition).  In that same vein, this floor will work to explore the triple bottom line (people, planet, prosperity) of sustainability and how it plays out in the life of a college student.

Participants of this floor will learn skills relating to gardening, water conservation, energy conservation, toxin reduction, waste reduction, career development techniques and much more.  This highly engaging experience is open to any student, regardless of academic discipline. 

More information on the Sustainable Living Floor can be found at