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Residential Education 

Residential Education is charged with the day-to-day in-hall operations of the Department of Residential Housing. We strive to build inclusive communities within floor sections and halls, guide students in their individual development, facilitate problem and crisis intervention, and help maintain safe and healthy living environments. We are guided by our five programming goals of health and safety, scholarship, student development, citizenship and diversity. To accomplish these goals, Residential Education relies heavily on our in-hall staff of 15 full-time Residential Coordinators, 13 Resident Directors and over 250 paraprofessional student staff members.

In an effort to give life to the goals, the central staff creates an annual "theme" that relates in some way to the goals and serves as a symbolic reminder of the purpose of our work. More information on the history of our themes can be found here.

The residential campus and Residential Education staff are divided into three "Greens" (East, South, and West) each with a distinct culture and small-campus atmosphere.

For more information on Residential Education and other services related to our office, please browse the pages located under the 'Residential Education' tab on our site menu.