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OHIO Residential Housing

Pete Trentacoste

Closing Tips:

24-Hour quiet hours begin Friday, April 25th at 5:00 P and will continue through closing (Saturday, May 3rd at 6:00 P). Violations of finals week quiet hours may result in a conduct referral without a warning.

Plan to depart your residence hall well in advance of the official closing time. Anyone who remains in the hall past this time will be billed a minimum of $25.

The last meal served in the dining halls will be lunch in Nelson Commons on Saturday, May 3rd.

Mail will be forwarded to your home address as listed in your MyOHIO Student Center.

Remove all trash, recyclable, and perishable food items from your room. Failure to do so will result in a minimum charge of $25 dollars.

Loft Returns:

Lofts from bedloft.com must be taken down, disassembled, and left in your room. Bedloft will pick them up after you depart. If the loft is not disassembled as instructed, you will be charged a $50 improper return fee. by bedloft.com.

If your loft is not present in your room, you will be charged the full replacement cost of $400.00.

Confiscated Items:

Items that have been confiscated by Residential Housing staff this year can be picked up in the green office before leaving campus. Items not picked up will be donated to charity or discarded.

Items can be picked up between Monday, April 28th and Friday, May 2nd from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.


Storage is only offered in the hall of a student’s placement for next year. As space permits, lofts, couches, and carpet may be placed in storage; however, keep aisles and walkways clear. Storage is only available for residents with a Fall 2014 room assignment.

Hours for placement of items in storage will be: 8:30 PM-10:00 PM Monday, April 28th-Friday, May 2nd.

Please note that some halls do not have storage. In addition, Residential Housing will not be offering storage after Summer 2014. Residents will need to make other storage arrangements starting in 2015.

Please note that storage is NOT available in Adams, Biddle, Bromley, Brown, Bush, Convo, Crawford, Ewing, Foster, James, Johnson, Lincoln, Mackinnon, Perkins, Pickering, Read, Scott, Shively, True, Voigt and Weld.

The Academic Year is Winding Down
by Pete Trentacoste, Executive Director of Residential Housing

As you begin to plan for the end of this academic year, I want to share several updates and important information. First, please remember that all Ohio University residence halls officially close at 6:00 PM on Saturday, May 3rd, so you should plan your travel arrangements accordingly. Any students who are attending summer classes and wish to remain on campus between terms must make special interim housing arrangements and complete an interim housing application.

Also, as you begin to think about moving all of your belongings out of your room, consider taking things home gradually over the next few weeks in order to reduce the pressure and stress of trying to move everything at once.

Please note that the West Green area will be very congested with graduation parking and traffic. We encourage those who are able to check out by the evening of Thursday, May 1st, especially those living in the Convocation Center, James, and Wilson Halls, to do so.

If you are graduating or ushering for the 2:30 PM commencement ceremony on May 3rd, please notify your Residential Coordinator or Resident Director so they can assist with finalizing your move out arrangements.

Finally, if you have reusable items in your room that you no longer want, please consider donating them to those in need before you leave campus. University Recycling will be collecting everything from non-perishable food items to carpet and furniture. More information can be found at www.ohio.edu/recycle.

Preparing Your Room for Checkout

Your room must be left in move-in condition, which includes:

  • All university issued furniture must be present and in good repair.
  • Room must be dusted, swept, and mopped (if necessary).
  • Refrigerator and microwave units should be cleaned and defrosted 24 hours prior to leaving. Once clean and wiped out, please place the cord over the opened doors so that the doors will not close completely. Water should not be left standing in the freezer from the defrosting process.
  • Lofts must be disassembled and beds reassembled. More information on loft returns can be found in the sidebar on the left.
  • All trash must be removed from the room and disposed of in the dumpster outside of the building. Trash must not be left in the hallway.
  • Clean recycling bin and trash cans.
  • Double and triple check closets, drawers, desks, and other storage areas in the room.
  • Remove all tape and tape residue from the walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture.

While packing up and cleaning your room, please do not store items in the hallway for an extended period of time (such as several hours or overnight). All of your personal items (including carpets, posters, personal furniture, and belongings) must be removed before a staff member can check you out.

Cleaning supplies (such as brooms and mops) will be available in each area to use while cleaning your room. If you reside in a suite in Adams or Bromley, you must also clean your bathroom before departing.

Also remember to return any "borrowed" items to the appropriate locations (i.e. library books, dining hall items, etc.).

Don't forget that as members of the community, it is your responsibility to ensure that public areas (hallways, mods, lounges, etc.) are free from excessive trash. If trash accumulates, you may be asked to assist with removing it from the area. If damage or vandalism occurs at any time, you may be held financially responsible.

Checkout Appointments

You must formally check out with a Residential Housing staff member before departing the building. Our staff can not check you out until you remove all of your belongings from the room and clean it. Failure to check out with a staff member in person will result in a minimum fine of $25. You are not permitted to have another student complete your checkout or leave your keys behind.

Available checkout times are 10 AM to 10 PM from Tuesday, April 29th through Friday, May 2nd and Saturday, May 3rd from 10 AM to 6 PM. If residents are leaving before April 29th, they must schedule an individual appointment to check out with a Resident Assistant in their building.

When you are ready to depart, go to the staff office for your hall / complex to begin the checkout process. Please be patient as our staff will be completing a large number of checkouts in a short time frame.

During checkout, the staff member will complete the checkout section of your Room Condition Report (RCR) and note any changes in the condition of your room and furnishing since your arrival and ensure that all closing expectations have been met. RAs do not assess damage billing, they merely document changes. The Professional Staff member responsible for your building will conduct a thorough final review after you depart and assess charges for damage as necessary.

Interim / Break Housing

Students needing to remain on campus for any portion of the week between the end of the spring semester and prior to summer school opening can elect to stay in Interim Housing. Interim Housing is available from Saturday, May 3rd at 11 AM through Sunday, May 11th at 9 AM.

The online application for Interim Housing reservations opens on Friday, April 4th and a reservation is required. To make a reservation, please visit the Residential Housing website then clicking the “Apply Online” button, and selecting “Summer 2014 Interim/Temporary Housing” application. The cost for Interim Housing is $28/night or $125/week and will be charged directly to your student account.

Summer Housing

Gamertsfelder Hall on East Green will house students attending summer school. If you are planning to attend the first Summer Session and have a signed contract through Residential Housing, you may check into Gamertsfelder Hall on Sunday, May 11th between 12:00 PM (noon) and 4:00 PM. Students residing on campus for Interim/Temporary will be assigned directly into their summer school assignment.

Airport Transportation

Transportation to the airport for out-of-state and international students is available.  For information, see the web site: www.ohio.edu/transportation. Another alternative is the Go Bus.  For more information visit www.ridegobus.com.



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