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Hall Closing 

Fall Semester Close and Winter Break Information

All Ohio University residence halls will officially close for winter break on Saturday, December 13, 2014 at 12:00 PM. Find your Closing Checklist here.

Students must vacate their residence hall by the official closing time of 12 PM on Saturday.  You will be charged a late fee if you do not vacate your residence hall on time and have not made alternate arrangements with your Residential Coordinator or Resident Director.

All additional information for will closing will be available in the closing information meetings that will be held in the residenice halls in December and will also be sent via email to the students account.

Room Change Freeze Begins November 20th

Students who have an interest with exploring options for a room change must submit a room change request not later than November 20 by completing the following:

  • Submit a room change request by visiting, click on the 'Room Selection' tab and then 'Request a Room Change'
  • All room changes must be finalized no later than November 23, 2014
  • Room change requests for spring semester will be available beginning January 15, 2015.
  • Spaces cannot be held for room changes to occur upon spring semester opening.

Vacancy Checks Begin December 2nd

Residential Housing will utilize all vacancies for spring semester assignments.Your assistance is needed to with ensure a smooth check in for the newly arriving student.In the event that you have a current or anticipated vacancy you must do the following:
  • Make sure that your room is move in ready prior to your departure for winter break.This includes removing all personal items from the extra bed, desk, dressers and closet spaces to ensure that the room is ready for a student to move into.
  • If you would like to pull another student into the space, you must submit a request and the room change must be completed prior to departing for winter break by following the procedures listed below.
  • Any room determined not to be move in ready will result in a community standard referral for failure to comply and a fine assessed or extra bed fee or full occupancy charge applied.

Is your roommate withdrawing at the end of fall semester?

At the end of fall semester, we will consider room change requests as a result of a student withdrawing from OHIO and the student remaining in the space wanting to pull a desired roommate into the space.In order to accommodate the following must occur:
  • An email from the student who is withdrawing should be sent to Alvena Collins at no later than December 10.
  • An email from the student remaining in the room must send an email to Alvena Collins at no later than December 10.
  • An email from the student wishing to move in the vacant space resulting from a withdraw must be sent to Alvena Collins at no later than December 10.
  • A room change approval email will be sent to confirm the process for checking in/out of appropriate spaces.
  • The room change must be coordinated after the current student withdraws and prior to the student departing who wishes to occupy the vacant space.
  • Spaces cannot be held for room changes to occur upon spring semester opening.

Are you withdrawing at the end of the semester?

Your room must be left in move-in condition, which includes:

  • All university issued furniture must be present and in good repair.
  • Room must be dusted, swept, and mopped (if necessary).
  • Refrigerator and microwave units should be cleaned and defrosted 24 hours prior to leaving. Once clean and wiped out, please place the cord over the opened doors so that the doors will not close completely. Water should not be left standing in the freezer from the defrosting process.
  • Your loft (if applicable) must be disassembled and beds reassembled. Contact the loft company and coordinate a removal of the loft.
  • All trash must be removed from the room and disposed of in the dumpster outside of the building. Trash must not be left in the hallway.
  • Clean recycling bin and trash cans.
  • Double and triple check closets, drawers, desks, and other storage areas in the room.
  • Remove all tape and tape residue from the walls, floors, ceiling, and furniture.
  • Schedule an official check out with a Residential Housing staff member, complete your RCR and turn in your keys.
  • Don't forget to cancel your classes.

Checkout Appointments Prior to Fall Semester Close

You must formally check out with a Residential Housing staff member before departing the building. Our staff cannot check you out until you remove all of your belongings from the room and clean it. Failure to check out with a staff member in person will result in a minimum fine of $50. You are not permitted to have another student complete your checkout or leave your keys behind.  You should schedule a check out of the room with your RA before leaving.

When you are ready to depart, go to the staff office for your hall / complex to begin the checkout process. Please be patient as our staff will be completing a large number of checkouts in a short time frame.

During checkout, the staff member will complete the checkout section of your Room Condition Report (RCR) and note any changes in the condition of your room and furnishing since your arrival and ensure that all closing expectations have been met. RAs do not assess damage billing, they merely document changes. The Professional Staff member responsible for your building will conduct a thorough final review after you depart and assess charges for damage as necessary.

Interim / Break Housing

Students needing to remain on campus for any portion of winter break between the end of the fall semester and prior to spring semester opening can elect to stay in Interim Housing. Interim Housing is available from Saturday, December 13th.

The online application for Interim Housing reservations is currently open and a reservation is required. To make a reservation, please visit, click on the 'Applications' tab and then complete the 'Winter Interim/Temporary Housing' application.Most students will be required to move to a different location for the interim period.The cost for Interim Housing is $28/night or $125/week or $400/month and will be charged directly to your student account.