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Eligibility & Application Process 

All guest and interim housing facilities are subject to Ohio University Policy and Procedure 03.007 - "Guest and Temporary Housing."


Guest / Temporary Housing

Eligibility for Guest / Temporary Housing:

  • Applicants must be affiliated with Ohio University in an official capacity (i.e.New employee, visiting professor, university guest, etc).
  • Reservations will be accepted no sooner than six (6) months in advance for apartments, guest room reservation dates and length vary based on type of group or individual.

Application Process for VIP Apartments

  1. All inquires regarding the VIP apartments will be directed to the Department of Residential Housing.  Please contact Residential Housing by phone at 740.593.4099 or by email to
  2. We will collect all pertinent information related to the request, such as date and time of arrival, departure date, billing information, etc. and will check for availability.
  3. Apartments will be rented on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Guest staying 30 days or longer will be required to sign a lease and provide one month rent as a security deposit.
  5. Tenants staying less than 30-days will be placed in short term guest housing and will be charged the short-term rental fees with all applicable taxes.
  6. Department sponsored guests, or University departments requesting one of these apartments, must complete a VIP rental form and include an account number for which charges will be assessed in the event of unpaid rent, damages or cancellation. Department personnel may pick up keys in advance of guest arrival. Lease (if applicable) must be signed one business day after guest arrives on campus.