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Summer Paraprofessional Job Opportunities 

At this time our application for Summer 2014 positions has closed.  Our Summer Staff Application for Summer 2015 will open in early February, 2015.

Thanks for your interest!

Reach Your Potential: Summer RA and Conference Assistant Recruitment (Summer 2014)

Consider spending your summer in beautiful Athens working with Residential Housing!  We are looking to hire both Summer Resident Assistants and Summer Conference Assistants (no previous Residential Housing experience required for the Conference Assistant positions).

Please see the information below and email us at with any additional questions! 

You can access the application here: Summer Staff Application


What is a Summer Resident Assistant?

A Summer Resident Assistant (RA) is a paraprofessional staff member who has been with the Department of Residential Housing in the role of RA for at least one semester.  They serve a community of around 30-40 residents of a floor section in a variety of ways -- from helping students to coordinating educational programs, from fostering community to role-modeling to administering university policies. This is a people-oriented position that requires emotional maturity, self-awareness, and interpersonal communication skills. Successful candidates must demonstrate the ability to assist students in the areas of: health & safety, scholarship, student development, citizenship and diversity.

Summer RA Information Session Presentation



What is a Summer Conferences Assistant? 

A Summer Conferences Assistant is a student staff member who works to serve the various groups of guests we have on-campus in the residence halls during the summer.  These Conference Assistants may have previous Residential Housing experience, or they may be new to the department. 

Conference Assistants help summer guests by preparing buildings prior to arrival, assisting during check-in, providing information and orientation to each group, holding office hours each night in the building, serving on-duty during overnights, and assisting to checkout each group.  Conference Assistants work with a variety of summer groups including: youth sports camps, adult education programs, pre-college programs, Bobcat Student Orientation (BSO), and youth music and performing programs.  

Summer Conference Assistant Information Session Presentation

The Hiring Process

The Department of Residential Housing goes through a Summer Staff hiring process only once each year. The process begins during early February and involves a written application, resume, references, interview process (Conference Assistants only), and training. All candidates will be kept up to date on their application status via emails to their OHIO email account.


  • Summer Staff Info Session: 
    • Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014 at 7pm, Jefferson Hall, Room 139 (classroom by East Green Office)
    • 7:00pm - Conference Assistant Info Session OR
    • 7:30pm - If you're only interested in the Summer RA Position 
  • Summer Positions Application:
    • Monday, Feb. 10, 2014: Application for Summer Positions opens online
    • Access the application at
  • Applications are Due:
    • Monday, Feb. 24, 2014: All application materials (application, resume, references) are due online
  • Summer Conference Assistant Interviews:
    • Candidates who are invited to interview will sign-up to interview on one of these days in the Jefferson Hall Library
    • March 10, 11, 12
  • Hiring Decisions Announced:
    • We hope to have hiring decisions for both Conference Assistants and Summer RAs emailed to candidates on Wednesday, March 19 via OHIO email. 

Position Benefits

Summer Resident Assistants

Room:  100% of your Summer Room will be paid for (NOTE: You may be asked to change rooms a couple times throughout the semester in order to accommodate summer enrollment.) 

Stipend: (depends on how long you've worked for Residential Housing)

  • $1,620 for the summer (if you started the RA Position Fall 2013)
  • $1,770 for the summer (if you started the RA Position Fall 2012)

Meal Plan: $850 in Flex Points (to be used for the whole summer)

Programming/Staff Development Funds:  RAs will receive $80 for the year to use for programming (e.g., bulletin board supplies, program supplies) and/or staff development funds.  These funds will be deposited into the RC's/RD's programming account. 


Summer Conference Assistants

Room:  100% of your Summer Room will be paid for (NOTE: You may be asked to change rooms a couple times throughout the semester in order to accommodate summer enrollment.) 

Meal Plan: $850 in Flex Points (to be used for the whole summer)

Hourly Pay:  $7.95/hour and $8.95/hour for Building Managers (maximum of 28 hours per week if you are NOT taking Summer Courses, 20 hours per week if  you are taking Summer Courses). 

For more information please contact the Paraprofessional Staff Recruitment Team.
Email us at with any questions!