Athens Campus Full-Time Faculty

Patrick Barr-Melej
(Department Chair)
Latin America
Peter John Brobst
Director of Graduate Studies
British Empire/International Relations
Michele ClouseRenaissance/Reformation
Nicholas CrearyAfrican
T. David CurpEastern Europe/Balkans
Mariana DantasAfrican Diaspora in the Americas
Alfred E. Eckes
(Ohio Eminent Research Professor)
Recent US
Joshua Hill  
Robert IngramEarly Modern Britain
Katherine JellisonUS Women/Social
Kevin Mattson
(Connor Study Professor of History)
Intellectual/20th Century US
Jaclyn MaxwellAncient
Paul MilazzoUS 20th Century Political/Environmental
Steven M. Miner
(Director, Contemporary History Institute)
Tsarist/Soviet Russia
Chester Pach
(Director of Graduate Studies)
Ohio University Outstanding Graduate Faculty Member
Recent US/US Foreign Relations
Jessica RoneyColonial America
Brian SchoenEarly US, southern, Civil War
Miriam ShadisMedieval
Ingo TrauschweizerUS Military
Kevin UhaldeMedieval
Jacquelin H. WolfMedicine, Family, Childhood

Early Retirees(Part-Time)

Douglas BaxterEarly Modern Europe
Marvin FletcherUS Military/African-American
William H. FrederickSoutheast Asia

Non-Permanent Faculty

Branch Campuses Faculty