Athens Campus Full-Time Faculty

Patrick Barr-Melej
Latin America
Peter John Brobst
(Director of Graduate Studies)
British Empire/International Relations

Michele Clouse (Director of Undergraduate Studies)

T. David CurpEastern Europe/Balkans
Mariana DantasAfrican Diaspora in the Americas
Joshua HillChina/Modern Asia
Robert G. Ingram Early Modern Britain
Katherine Jellison
(Department Chair)
US Women/Social
Kevin Mattson
(Connor Study Professor of History)
Intellectual/20th-Century US
Jaclyn MaxwellAncient
Paul Milazzo US/20th-Century Political/Environmental
Steven M. Miner
(Director, Contemporary History Institute)
Tsarist/Soviet Russia
Chester Pach
Recent US/US Foreign Relations
Jessica RoneyColonial America
Assan Sarr Africa
Brian Schoen
Early US/Southern/Civil War
Miriam ShadisMedieval
Ingo TrauschweizerUS Military
Kevin Uhalde Late Antiquity/Early Medieval/Christianity
Jacqueline H. Wolf Medicine/Family/Childhood
Mirna Zakić Modern Germany/Nazism

Non-Permanent Faculty

Christopher Barker US Const./Legal (Smith Postdoctoral Fellow)
Stephen Cote Latin America
Monika Flaschka Modern Europe
Jeanne Gleich-Anthony U.S. Women/U.S.-Japanese Relations

Branch Campuses Faculty

David Castle US/Latin America
Michael McTeagueEurope/Asia
Charles SmithEurope/Medieval
Ping-Yuan WangEurope
Mark Nevin US
Deborah Marinski US
Morten Bach US
Korcaighe HaleEurope