We, the graduate students of Ohio University of the Athens campus, hereby set forth to form a representative graduate student senate to participate in the formulation and application of both university and community policy, and with the goal of enhancing the quality of life
and education of all graduate students, hereby establish the
Ohio University Graduate Student Senate. 
- The Graduate Student Senate Constitution


Resolutions for the 2009-2010 School Year

Resolution 0910-01 - Appointment of New Members

Resolution 0910-02 - Appointment of New Members

Resolution 0910-03 - A Resolution to Change the Black Affairs Commission to the African American Affairs Commission

Resolution 0910-05 - A Resolution Requesting Educational Benefits for the Domestic Partners of Students with Graduate Appointments

Resolution 0910-06 - Appointment of New Members

Resolution 0910-07 - A Resolution Opposing Reductions to Graduate Appointments, Stipends and Benefits for Graduate Students

Resolution 0910-09 - A Resolution Calling for a One-Time Donation of Funding to the Annual Conference of the History Graduate Student Association

Resolution 0910-11 - A Resolution Allocating a Donation of Funds for Haitian Relief

Resolution 0910-12 - A Resolution Calling for a Continued Commitment to the Graduate Student General Fee Buy Down

Resolution 0910-14 - A Resolution Calling for the One-Time Donation of Funding for the Annual Conference of the Ohio University Department of Linguistics

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