We, the graduate students of Ohio University of the Athens campus, hereby set forth to form a representative graduate student senate to participate in the formulation and application of both university and community policy, and with the goal of enhancing the quality of life
and education of all graduate students, hereby establish the
Ohio University Graduate Student Senate. 
- The Graduate Student Senate Constitution


GSS Resolutions Introduced in 2006-07
  • Resolution 0607-01

  • A Resolution to Create a Website for Graduate Housing
  • Resolution 0607-02

  • A Resolution to Create a Centralized Database for Graduate Assistantships
  • Resolution 0607-03

  • A Resolution to change the Requirements for GSS Grants
  • Resolution 0607-04

  • A Resolution Urging the Ohio University Master Plan Advisory Committee to Meet before the End of Fall Quarter
  • Resolution 0607-05

  • A Resolution Requesting the President Change the Burden of Proof for the Academic Honesty Committee
  • Resolution 0607-06

  • A Resolution Calling for University Town Hall Meetings to be Held Once a Month
  • Resolution 0607-07

  • A Resolution Requesting that Ohio University Stop Requiring GA/TA’s to Sign the Ohio Loyalty Oath
  • Resolution 0607-08

  • A Resolution Asking for Graduate Student Housing to be Included in the Campus Capital Plans
  • Resolution 0607-09

  • A Resolution Requesting that Updates Be Made to the Student Health Services Website
  • Resolution 0607-10

  • A Resolution Encouraging Ohio University Students to support Black History Month events around campus
  • Resolution 0607-11

  • A Resolution To Name The New Residence Hall On South Green For African Americans Who Have Made A Difference At Ohio University
  • Resolution 0607-12

  • A Resolution In Support Of A Review Of The Graduate Printing Quota
  • Resolution 0607-13

  • A Resolution That Requests That Organizations Sponsoring Blood Drives Clearly And Comprehensively State Reasons For Ineligibility
  • Resolution 0607-14

  • A Resolution Supporting The Recommendations Of The Sexual Health Seminar Committee
  • Resolution 0607-15

  • A Resolution Amending Language On The GSS Ballot
  • Resolution 0607-16

  • A Resolution Affirming The Importance Of Shared Governance
  • Resolution 0607-17

  • A Resolution to Amend the Graduate Student Senate Constitution
  • Resolution 0607-18

  • A Resolution That Requests That OU Hourly Employment Not Taken Up By Students Be Open To Spouses Eligible To Work
  • Resolution 0607-19

  • A Resolution That Requests That Students With Disability Be Given The Option Of Remaining In Residence Halls During Vacation
  • Resolution 0607-20

  • A Resolution That Requests That Acceptance To Study Abroad Programs Be Done By Signing A Form With A Column For Relevant Issue(S) That May Affect Participation
  • Resolution 0607-21

  • A Resolution That Requests That Summer Tuition And General Fees Be Waived For Those Taking Classes Or Internships Outside Ou And Halved For Those Taking Classes During Summer
  • Resolution 0607-22

  • A Resolution Regarding the Revised Health Insurance Plan
  • Resolution 0607-23

  • A Resolution Honoring the Work of Dr. Michael Mumper
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