Title Name E-Mail

Carl E. Smith III

 Vice President of Committees
 and Legislative Affairs

Hannah Farchione
 Vice President of Administration
 and Finance

Hashim Pashtun

 Interim Vice President of Communications
John Strohl




Title Name E-Mail

Academic Affairs (Currently Vacant)

African American Affairs  (Currently Vacant)
  Environmental Affairs Sarah Haley Shaw

Governmental Affairs Chelsea Foster

Graduate Student Life  (Currently Vacant)

Graduate Veteran Affairs (Currently Vacant)

Health and Safety Alexandra Beauchamp

Housing and Parking
(Currently Vacant)

International Affairs  Camila Lemaster-Esquivel

LGBT Affairs Elliot Long

Minority Affairs (Currently Vacant)

Women's Affairs Bhakti Shah


Colleges Senators and Department Representatives

 For the College Senators and the Department Representatives, select the College that they represent.

Graduate Student Senate
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