There are two ways that you can join GSS.

The first method is through appointment. This process requires you to fill out an application (the application is located below). Then, after careful consideration, the executives of GSS would create a resolution, putting forth your name for the spot you would be appointed to. If your resolution passes, then you are part of GSS. For more information please contact the President or a Vice President.

The 2013-2014 Application is located HERE 

The second way that you could become part of GSS is through the annual graduate election. The process only happens at the end of spring semester. However, start looking out for the application about week 4-6 of spring semester. To be valid candidate, you must submit the application and other materials by the required date and time. Below are the most updated election materials.

Being a part of Graduate Student Senate is an excellent opportunity to improve the lives of your fellow graduate students and graduate education at Ohio University.The elected President of GSS receives a tuition waiver and stipend.  No other position receives financial assistance.  The GSS office is in Baker University Center Rm. 302

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