Tuition and Fees

The tools to estimate costs for Graduate Students at Ohio University are available from the Office of the Bursar.


Most graduate students rent off-campus housing. Limited space is available in campus residence halls. Information about campus residence halls and off-campus rentals is available through the Department of Residential Housing.

Expenses for International Graduate Students - ESTIMATED

Estimated minimum required expenses for international graduate students at Ohio University are listed below. Academic year expenses reflect the academic year (August – December; January – May) except where indicated. Students who plan to remain over the summer or enroll in summer classes will incur additional expenses.   

Academic Year Expenses (All amounts listed below are estimated and are subject to change)

Expenses AY14 AY15
Instructional fees (tuition) $8,188
Non-resident Surcharge $7,992
General Fees
Network Fees $66 $66
Living * (10 months)
Ohio University Health Insurance **
Total $31,900 USD***
$32,546 USD***
* Off-campus shared apartment (also includes estimated expenses for utilities/food/clothing/books/supplies/personal expenses, etc)
** Required for I-20 Issuance – Annual (full year) coverage
*** ESTIMATED amount required to issue an I-20. Students or sponsors must document this amount with a Financial Support Form and appropriate proof of funds. The Financial Support form is downloadable from our Forms page under the heading 'International Students Only'.

Additional Expenses (not included in the Table of Expenses above)

Students are charged with a technology fee based on the student’s college.  This fee supports instructional technology used in student labs and classrooms.

Students coming from tropical climates should add $1,000 - $1,500 for winter clothing. Minor medical supplies generally require about $150. Fall and Spring Semester are separated by a vacation period of approximately four weeks. A vacation allowance to supplement minimum costs listed above is recommended. Approximately $1,000 is suggested. A car is not included in the table of expenses. Personal expenses may vary and all amounts listed are estimates and/or suggestions for your consideration.


If you plan to bring your family to the U.S., please indicate the number of dependents and their information on the Financial Support Form.

Expenses (subject to change without notice)
Spouse, living expenses
Spouse, health insurance
Child, living expenses
$1,500 *
Child, health insurance
$1,696 **
* Amount per child.
** Covers all children.