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Registration access times  

Registration access times vary from quarter to quarter and are based on how many accumulated hours you have earned. Please consult the registration schedule for the most accurate information about registration access. Newly admitted students will not be able to register until the week before classes begin.  

If you need to register for a course using a pink registration slip:

  • Before the 15th day of the quarter: take the pink slip directly to the Office of the Registrar in Chubb Hall. (In Summer quarter, the dates are before the 8th day for first or second sessions and before the 16th day for the full summer quarter.)
  • After the 15th day of the quarter: bring the pink slip to the Graduate College. There will be a $5 charge assessed to your fee bill.

In order to complete late registration: (meaning you are not registered for any courses by the 15th day of the quarter)

  • Bring your pink slip to the Graduate College
  • There will be a late fee starting at $40 and increasing as the quarter progresses. Detailed dates for fee increases are listed on the registrar's academic calendar for each quarter beginning at the 15th day after the quarter begins. In the summer quarter, there is no late fee, but a $5 processing fee is still assessed.

DARS and RAC  

A DARS report is created for currently enrolled students each quarter for priority registration. This report includes your Registration Access Code (RAC) and your registration access time. You may view your DARS report online by accessing the Office of the University Registrar Web site,, and selecting MyDARS under Online Services. In order to see your RAC on your DARS report make sure select “expand all”. A paper copy of your DARS Report is also provided to your academic department or regional campus student services office.

The RAC is confidential information and, therefore, can be disclosed only to you in person at the Graduate College with a picture ID, or to your Ohio University Oak email account, or sent via US Post to an address listed in the student information system.  To check and/or update your address, visit the University Registrar’s Address update page

For more detailed information on DARS, please go to the University Registrar’s website.