We offer workshops throughout each semester. Sample topics include “Writing a Literature Review,” “Crafting a Personal Statement,” and “Creating Your Job Search Materials.”

(If you would like a presentation or workshop for your class, see the end of this page.)

Working with the Student Writing Center, the GWRC helps provide workshops to all students and classes. There is no cost for these workshops because any cost associated with them is included in Ohio University student fees. So we encourage you (and all your friends!) to take advantage of this useful information.

For a current listing of workshops, see our Upcoming Events page.

Instructors: The GWRC or SWC can send a representative to give mini workshops on writing-related topics/workshop in your classrooms. We also offer 10-15 minute presentations about the GWRC or the SWC.

Some Sample in-class workshops include: re-writing a personal statement, developing your CV, avoiding plagiarism, developing an analytical thesis statement, tips for proofreading and editing, and more.

Disciplines that have utilized our workshops: English Composition, Coaching Education, Engineering, Interdisciplinary Arts, Speech-Language Pathology, University College courses, OPIE, Chemistry, among others!

Interested in inviting a GWRC or SWC representative into your classroom? Just download and complete our request form: GWRC-Pres-Workshop_Req Then e-mail it back to us at!

Also, feel free to email us with suggestions for future workshops.

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