Add the Graduate College calendar to your MYOHIO portal:

  • Login with your OHIO ID and password
  • When the MyOHIO page opens,  the green 'Home' tab in the upper left will have a pull-down bar below it labeled CUSTOMIZE.   Click on it.
  • The pull-down defaults to 'Add Stuff'. After it loads, type 'graduate' into the white bar which is displaying the words 'Search for Stuff'.
  • Several boxes will appear to the right of the search, one of which is a portlet called "Graduate College Calendar". There is also a small icon of a calendar on it.
  • Click on that, and a small green tab with the word 'Add' will appear on the upper right of the box.
  • Click on the word 'Add' and the calendar will become part of your page.
  • View options are just below the header, listed as Day | Week | Month. Clicking on the 'Month' option will display the greatest number of upcoming events.
 Graduate Calendar of Events