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Graduate appointments are awarded by individual schools, academic departments, or other administrative offices. Graduate appointments provide a stipend for services as prescribed by the individual school, department, or office and may include a tuition scholarship.

  • Apply for available department/school graduate appointments by indicating your interest in the departmental funding section of your admission application.
  • Department/school assistantships are granted on the basis of scholarly merit.
  • In addition, a list of advertised appointments is available below.­
  • Appointments are classified as graduate, research, and teaching assistantships (GA, RA, TA)
  • Please be sure to read and understand all policies before accepting an appointment: Graduate Appointment Policies­
  • Complete appropriate employment forms
  • The awarding of Graduate/Research/Teaching Assistants is administered by the Department or College offering the position. The Graduate College is NOT involved in the hiring process.
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Graduate, Research and Teaching Assistantships (GA, RA, TA):

Updated: 2/18/2015

Department - Office of Sustainability

Position - Education and Administration Coordinator

Degrees - The Education and Administration Coordinator will: foster implementation of the sustainable residential learning community; further develop, market and implement the sustainable education programs offered within the office; serve on the Sustainable Ohio University Leaders committee; coordinate communication, education and outreach programs targeting the campus community (and, specifically, Athletics); support office efforts such as tours, presentations, outreach and reporting; and support any STARS reporting and benchmark data collection as requested by Patton College of Education. This position reports directly to the Director of Sustainability and must commit to regular office hours (20 weekly) in the Office of Sustainability, with occasional outreach to and collaboration with the Patton College of Education.

Responsibilities -

  • Support the implementation of a Sustainable Living and Learning Community (4 hours/week).
  • Coordinate with and manage a small team of office volunteers/interns responsible for various projects, including grant writing and outreach. This position will take lead on all grant projects (3 hours/week).
  • Serve as a representative to the Sustainable Ohio University Leaders (SOUL) class and program; offer assistance when needed, especially on energy-outreach related efforts (4 hours/week).
  • Implement an outreach program that aims at increasing our relationships with Ohio University programs such as Athletics and Recreation and Sport Pedagogy. Apply for appropriate grants to support such efforts (3 hours/week).
  • Offer benchmark data collection, reporting and analysis support to OoS and PCOE (2 hours/week).
  • Engage in professional development activities (2 hours/week).
  • Support the implementation of tours of the campus-wide composting system and Ecohouse (1 hour/week).
  • Present programs to various classes, organizations and departments when appropriate (1 hour/week).

Qualifications -

  • Applicants must be graduate students in Ohio University's Recreation and Sport Pedagogy program and eligible to receive aid through a Graduate Assistantship.
  • Diversity among our staff members is considered an asset to our initiatives.

How to Apply - To apply, send a cover letter (addressed to Annie Laurie Cadmus, Director of Sustainability) and current resume to Documents should be sent in WORD or PDF formats only. Applications will be accepted through 3/2/15. Please indicate which semester(s) you are available.


Terms -  Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Deadline - 03/02/2015

There are no additional graduate, research or teaching assistantships available through the Graduate College at this time,­ however, please investigate the student employment opportunities available from the Ohio University Career Site.