Graduate Appointments

Graduate appointments are awarded by individual schools, academic departments, or other administrative offices. Graduate appointments provide a stipend for services as prescribed by the individual school, department, or office and may include a tuition scholarship.

  • Apply for available department/school graduate appointments by indicating your interest in the departmental funding section of your admission application.
  • Department/school assistantships are granted on the basis of scholarly merit.
  • In addition, a list of advertised appointments is available below.­
  • Appointments are classified as graduate, research, and teaching assistantships (GA, RA, TA)
  • Please be sure to read and understand all policies before accepting an appointment: Graduate Appointment Policies­
  • Complete appropriate employment forms
  • The awarding of Graduate/Research/Teaching Assistants is administered by the Department or College offering the position. The Graduate College is NOT involved in the hiring process.
  • Stipend payslips may be accessed at
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    3. Click My Personal Information on the new page.
    4. Enter your Ohio ID and password.
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Graduate, Research and Teaching Assistantships (GA, RA, TA):

Updated: 10/01/2014

Position - Office for Multicultural Student Access & Retention (OMSAR) Graduate Assistant

Core Responsibilities -

  • Attend OMSAR staff meetings and/or bi-weekly graduate assistant meetings
  • Conduct supervisions with LINKS Peer Mentors
  • Progress Meetings with scholarship students/LINKEES regarding academic performance on an as needed basis (e.g. poor GPA)
  • Maintain accurate and timely meeting records on individual students by using the OMSAR Progress Meeting form (and/or appropriate OMSAR system)
  • Establish and maintain weekly/bi-weekly supervisory meetings with OMSAR staff

Primary Responsibilities -

  • Conduct Progress Meetings with OMSAR Scholars with primary emphasis on the Promise Award, Ohio University Incentive Award (OUIA) and King-Chavez-Parks (KCP) Scholarship recipients
  • Assist in identifying and coordinating community service activities for all students
  • Maintain database of scholarship requirements for Promise and KCP/OUIA recipients
  • Supporting the recruitment and interviewing of OMSAR scholarship prospects
  • Create, propose and execute a student centered workshops that reflects OMSAR Goals

Secondary Responsibilities -

  • Assist in recruitment activities that target prospective candidates OMSAR scholarship and LINKS programs
  • Maintaining relationship with students on probation in order assist them in regaining scholarship status
  • Attend Promise, KCP/OUIA or other related activities
  • Represent the OMSAR Office at on and off-campus programs as needed

Expectations and Standards -

  • Confidentiality - In the course of your duties at OMSAR you will come into contact with confidential information (e.g. student grades, user ids, personal data, disability status). Confidential information may be spoken, written or electronic. The nature of the information that you have access to is extremely private and must be protected. Under no circumstances can this information be shared with other students, faculty or staff with the exception being his/her direct involvement and need to know status regarding the circumstances of the student. This information includes, but is not limited to, written records, computer files, student visits or telephone calls, office memoranda and conversations or any written or oral transactions that may occur.
  • Professionalism – Graduate Assistants are expected to conduct themselves with the same level of respect and thoughtfulness that they would expect to receive from others and includes:
  • Maintaining an effective working relationship with supervisors and co-workers
  • Demonstrating good written communication skills in reports, correspondence etc
  • Demonstrating good oral communication and listening skills
  • Demonstrating quality decision making and evaluative skills
  • Serving as a role model of students, and staff, in areas of ethical decision making and mature choices
  • Projecting a positive attitude toward the position, OMSAR and Ohio University

How to Apply - Please attach a copy of current resume, and send via email to

Deadline - 10/10/2014

There are no additional graduate, research or teaching assistantships available through the Graduate College at this time,­ however, please investigate the student employment opportunities available from the Ohio University Career Site.