2015 Student Research & Creative Activity Expo

Thursday, April 9, 2015
11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m
Convocation Center

Registration open thru Feb. 27 :click here

Need help? Contact research.expo@ohio.edu

In addition to the session awards, student may be eligble and elect to participate in the following awards as part of their regular expo registration.  

Appalachian Rural Health Institute -  Two awards of $200; one each for an undergraduate and a graduate student presentation.  Awards limited to students conducting research on projects that inform society's understanding of rural Appalachia health.

Center for Entrepreneurship - "From research to your business - Pitch us your plan!" Awards for top 3 competitors:  $500 (1st), $200 (2nd), $100 (3rd).  Click here for more info.

Diabetes Institute - For undergraduate and graduate students performing diabetes-related research and work with a member of the Diabetes Institute (Investigator, Affiliate, or Collaborator).  Awards are for $200 (1st place) and $100 (2nd place) or $150 (joint 1st place) for each session.

Edison Biotechnology Institute - $200 (1st) and $100 (2nd) or $150 (for joint 1st) for each session.  Awards limited to students who conduct basic research with an EBI faculty member in a biotechnology-related field that has potential biomedical applications, including medical devices

Honors Tutorial College - at least one presenter must be an HTC student; Students' Choice Award ($200)

Ohio University Libraries - must demonstrate exceptional use of library resources; $150 (graduate student); $150 (undergraduate student); $150 (student library worker or related to a full-time library employee); $150 (Librarian's choice)

OMSAR - for undergraduate students associated with the Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention (OMSAR).  Two categories:  overall - $300 (1st), $200 (2nd), $100 (3rd); diversity related - $300 (1st), $200 (2nd), $100 (3rd).

Regional Campus - $200 (1st) and $100 (2nd) or $150 (for joint 1st) for each session.  Awards limited to students enrolled on the regional campuses.

Sigma Xi -  Two awards of $100; one each for an undergraduate and a graduate presentation.  To be eligible,the presenting author must be a member of Sigma Xi or have been nominated to the Chapter.

Voinovich School- for students working on projects at the Voinovich School. To be eligible, students must show how their work creates public value through building public or private sector capacity, providing public or private sector technical and operational support, or encouraging economic competitiveness at the local (Athens), regional (Appalachia) or state (Ohio), national or international level in one of three areas: (1) Public Administration and Policy Innovation; (2) Energy and the Environment; or (3) Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness. Two award winners will be chosen and carry a prize of $150 each.

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