Graduate Degree Program

The Department of Geological Sciences welcomes all qualified applicants to its Graduate Masters Degree Program. Applicants should possess an undergraduate degree in geology or an allied natural or physical science, such as biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or engineering. Our faculty collaborates across three research clusters:

  1. Soild Earth and Planetary Dynamics: This includes planetary geology, geophysics, structure, mineralogy, petrology, and additional hard-rock disciplines.
  2. Sedimentary Geology and Paleobiology: This includes biological and ecological problems in the sedimentary record, paleobiogeographic modeling, evolutionary paleobiology, ichnology, sedimentation, stratigraphy, Earth Systems evolution, and additional soft-rock topics.
  3. Environmental and Surficial Processes: This includes applied and basic geochemistry, applied hydrogeology, surface and groundwater remediation, rivers and flooding, bedrock stream processes, paleoclimatology, and cave development.

Admission and degree requirements for each option are outlined in the Graduate Program Handbook (PDF). A Masters degree requires at least six letter-graded graduate-level courses and the completion of a Masters thesis. One of the six courses must be Geology 5050. This course, Statistical Methods in Geology, is required of all graduate students. Links to detailed information about our graduate program are provided above in the dropdown menu.

General information for the prospective and beginning graduate students are available in the Ohio University Graduate Catalog. Additional information on undergraduate curricula and courses is available in the Ohio University Undergraduate Catalog. The student is responsible for knowing graduate regulations and for complying with current procedures. The linked Graduate Program Handbook is intended to complement the above publications with details that are the concern of the graduate students in the Department of Geological Sciences. Within the Department, further information can be obtained from the Geological Sciences office (Room 316 Clippinger Laboratories) and the Graduate Chair.

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Credit: Dr. Alycia Stigall