Admission Requirements for Geology M.S. Program

Application Deadline: Review of applications begins February 1st. Applications received after that date will be reviewed, but may not receive the highest priority when we make funding and acceptance decisions.

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact potential advisors for advice and guidance about applying. It is acceptable to contact multiple professors to ask about their research program and to seeking guidance. Emails are always welcome.

  1. Applicants are expected to have an undergraduate geology, environmental geology, earth sciences, or closely related degree.
  2. We do consider applicants from other sciences if their background and research interests are aligned with a professor or the program. For instance, Drs. Dan Hembree and Alycia Stigall have advised students possessing undergraduate biology degrees. As graduate students within our program, these students took additional courses to give them an adequate geological foundation to earn a M.S. degree in Geology.
  1. In-coming graduate students are generally expected to have completed the equivalent of a year of chemistry and physics prior to enrolling.
  2. In-coming graduate students are generally expected to have successfully completed an integral calculus course.
  3. Students should have completed coursework in mineralogy, petrology, sedimentology-stratigraphy, structural geology, geomorphology, paleontology, and field methods/camp. However, the requirements differ for students seeking a geology versus an environmental geology degree with hydrology and geochemistry courses substituting for one or more of the listed courses.
  4. Students can clear geology deficiencies, such as not having taken petrology, by taking the course(s) as a graduate student in our program. The minimum acceptable grade for making up deficiencies is "B". In general, deficiency courses do not count toward the six graduate-level courses needed for an M.S. degree, although one course can be counted if certain conditions apply. Prospective students are encouraged to talk to our Undergraduate Chair or their prospective advisor about clearing deficiencies.

Large Echelon Veins
New Brunswick
Credit: Dr. Damian Nance