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Ohio University is open; Water service has been restored to buildings on and around University Terrace


2013-14 Graduate Students

Current Students

Rebekah Banas

B.S., Central Michigan U., 2012


"My current interests include human adaptability and preparedness in regards to climate change. I am also interested in sustainable practices for urban living and rural agriculture."


Advisor: Dr. Geoff Buckley

Zachary Bodenner

B.A., Univ. of Wisconsin-River Falls, 2011

"My research interests include ethnicity, ethnic spaces, and immigrant communities, as well as GIS and Cartography. My thesis examines the relationship between ethnic space and identity, specifically looking at the Hmong community in St. Paul Minnesota."

Advisor: Dr. Brad Jokisch


Kyle Clem

B.S., Ohio U., 2012

"My research interests focus on El Niño - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) teleconnections to the high latitude South Pacific. In particular, I am interested in how ENSO influences the Amundsen-Bellingshausen Seas Low, and the West Antarctic and Antarctic Peninsula climate, especially when it is coupled with the Southern Annular Mode."

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogt

Ashley Doria

B.S., Ohio State U., 2012


Advisor: Dr. Edna Wangui

Richard Greene

B.A., Auburn U., 2012

"My interests in Geography fall under the historical, cultural, and human realm of the discipline. In particular, the historical geography of the United States, the construction of cultural landscapes, and the geography of religion. My thesis research is an exercise in mapping religious diversity in the Southeastern United States with the intentions of  developing new ways of mapping religious patterns that takes into account and more clearly depicts local and regional variability."

Advisor: Dr. Timothy Anderson

Jessica Kelley

B.A., U. of Toledo, 2011

"I am interested in furthering my knowledge of environmental geography, particularly when it comes to water conservation.  I hope to incorporate remote sensing into my research on this topic."

Advisor: Dr. James Lein

Sabrina Klein

B.A., Univ. of Akron, 2012 and 2001

"My research interest is using archaeology, remote sensing, & GIS to resolve questions involving spatial relationships of sacred spaces in prehistoric Ohio to natural features."

Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Francisca Lekey

B.A., Univ. of Ghana, 2005

"My research interests are in population, human migration and disparities in regional development. In future, I would like to research into the adverse effect of forced migration within and outside Sub-Sahara Africa."

Advisor: Dr. Yeong Kim

Allissa Lewis

B.S., Park U., 2013

"My interests broadly fall within urban and land use planning, urban renewal, and sustainability.  I also hope to include GIS and cartography in my studies and research."

Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Penny Morgan

M.S., Ohio U., 2013; B.S., Ohio U., 2011


"My research interests are focused on the geographic aspects of facilitating sustainable economic development in Athens, Hocking and Perry counties, using environmental assessment tools to plan resource management, with an emphasis on green jobs creation and promotion and sustainable disaster recovery responses."


Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Maria Panaccione

B.A., West Virginia U., 2013


Advisor: Dr. Risa Whitson

Jillian Prusa

B.A., Bowling Green State Univ., 2012

"I am interested in a variety of topics in urban geography, including sustainability and resilience planning, food systems, and surburban retrofitting. My thesis research is about vacant land reuse strategies in Cleveland, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland."

Advisor: Dr. Geoff Buckley

Kenneth Shonkwiler

B.A., Shawnee State U., 2011


"My interests in Geography involve migration, population, ethnicity, and historical geography. My thesis research investigates the internal dynamics of the migration process for the growing Old Order Anabaptist population in

Ohio ."


Advisor: Dr. Timothy Anderson

Zac Wehrmann

B.L.S., Univ. of Mary Washington, 2011


"My research interests are in geomorphology, specifically in surfaces processes involving rivers and glaciers. I hope to use LiDAR and dendrochronology to measure past lateral and longitudinal changes in meandering rivers."


Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Alex Wovrosh

B.S., Ohio U., 2012

"Although I have a broad interest within the field of meteorology, I have developed a deeper passion for Antarctic weather.  Specifically, I wish to better understand regional climate change around the western Antarctic Peninsula attributed to a semi - permanent low pressure system within the Amundsen - Bellingshausen Seas region, as well as any underlying relations this semi - permanent feature may have to large - scale forcing mechanisms."

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogt


Recent Master's Graduates

David Adjuik

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Weak Ties at Play: Social Networks and Ghanaian Entrepreneurs in Columbus, Ohio

Advisor: Dr. Brad Jokisch

Kevin Blank

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Downtown Appalachia: Revitalization and Green Governance in Charleston, WV

Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Mia DeNardi

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Symbols and Identity in Siena, Italy

Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Michelle Kozlowski

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Environmental Justice in Applachia: A Case Study of C8 Contamination in Little Hocking, Ohio

Advisor: Dr. Harold Perkins

Alek Krautmann

M.S., 2012

Thesis: Midwest Urban Heat Wave Climatology: What Constitutes the Worst Events?

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogt

Bridget Kraynik

M.S., 2013 (Non-Thesis)
Advisor: Dr. Gaurav Sinha

Ming Yeung (Zachary) Lee

M.S., 2013
Thesis: Antarctic Station-based Pressure Reconstructions from 1905-2011 using Principal Component

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogt

Kyle McGonagle

M.S., 2013 (Non-Thesis)
Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Sack

Phillip Wilson

M.A., 2012

Thesis: Surface Mining in Van Buren County Iowa: History and Consequences

Advisor: Dr. Geoffrey Buckley

Joseph Witek

M.A., 2013
Thesis: Johannesburg: Africa's World City?

Advisor: Dr. Yeong Kim