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Healthy Eating

Ohio University Culinary Services is committed to offering healthy food at every meal. We prepare approximately 3.8 million meals per year serving a diverse population of students, faculty, staff and university guests. Our basic philosophy is based on choice dining as we offer a wide variety of foods daily. Many of these foods are healthy foods, but it is up to our guests to choose for themselves what to eat and what amount to eat.


Weekly menus are available to assist you in meal planning. Menu information is available in the dining hall lobbies, on residence hall bulletin boards, on CATVision, the residence hall television network, and online.


Healthy items available at all meals:

  • Skim milk
  • 100% fruit juice (orange, grapefruit, grape)
  • Fresh fruit- We offer three or more at each meal. Fresh fruit is offered based on quality and availability.
  • Canned fruit- All of our canned fruit is packed in its own juice or in extra light syrup.
  • Cereal- Twelve different varieties all of which were picked based on a cereal survey.


Healthy items available at lunch and/or dinner:

  • Grilled chicken available Monday-Friday at Boyd and Shively.
  • Create your own lowfat wrap at Shively.
  • Hot vegetables. We do not add butter or margarine to our vegetables.
  • 45-item salad bar, which includes fat-free and low calorie dressings, low fat cheese and cottage cheese, tuna (packed in water), turkey breast, and yogurt.
  • Wok bar lunch and dinner at Boyd.
  • Gardenburgers available on the fast food line at all dining halls for lunch and dinner.
  • Pasta bar available Monday-Friday at dinner.
  • We use trans-fat free oil for deep-frying.
  • Low Fat Muffins at breakfast.


If you have a special diet, food allergies, or other concerns, our staff includes a nutrition expert who is available to meet with you by appointment. Call us at (740) 593-2970. Also, we do tours of any dining facility including our warehouse. Just call us or talk to any manager.


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