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Ohio University > Fine Arts > What's Happening > 2015 Shadow Days in March and April

2015 Shadow Days in March and April

2015 Shadow Days in March and April

Jan 15, 2015

wall paper

2015 Shadow Days March and April

SHADOW DAY PROGRAM INVITE:  We would like to invite admitted students for the 2015-16 academic year to sit in on classes during one of our BFA Thesis Exhibitions. You will have an opportunity to sit in on classes, see the current BFA thesis exhibition, tour our studios, and meet current students and faculty.  I would encourage you to pick the day you will attend based on the courses you are most interested in attending and during the senior Thesis Exhibitions associated with  the major area you are interested in pursuing.

Senior studio majors in Ceramics, Painting + Drawing, Photography + Integrated Media, Printmaking, and Sculpture + Expanded Practice will have their Thesis Exhibitions March 10th - 14th and March 17th - 21st.

Graphic Design seniors will have their Thesis Exhibition April 7th -11th

Interior Architecture seniors will have their Thesis Exhibition April 14th - 18th

TO REGISTER: Please send an email to Melissa Riddle at  You must use SHADOW DAY as your subject heading and include:
• the date you intend to attend
• your full name
• your intended major within the SoA+D

• your email address
• your cell phone number
• the cell phone number of one of your parents  

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 5:00 PM - MARCH 1st space is limited.

  Monday and Wednesday
ART 1210
Function / Foundations
ART 1220
Image / Foundations
ART 2210
Ceramics Hand Building
ART 2420
Etching/Relief / Printmaking
ART 2520
Typography / Graphic Design
ART 2710
Traditional Practices in Painting
ART 2820
Digital Photography
ART 2900
Studio Art Topics
  Contemporary Color Theory
ART 3900
Studio Art Topics
  Place, Space, and Landscape
AH 2120
History of Art II
AH 3410
History of Chinese Art
AH 4190
Visual Culture of China
  Tuesday and Thursday
ART 1210
Function / Foundations
ART 1220
Image / Foundations
ART 1600
Aesthetics of Architecture and Design
ART 2220
Ceramics Wheel Throwing
ART 2430
Screen/Paper / Printmaking
ART 2620
Interior Architecture Studio II
ART 2720
Experimental Drawing and Painting
ART 2810
Film Photography
ART 3310
Public Spheres & Dissemination Tactics / Sculpture
ART 3520
Graphic Design Studio II
ART 3620
Interior Architecture Studio IV
ART 3640
History of Furniture and Interior Design I
ART 3670
Construction Documents / Interior Architecture
ART 3710
Advanced Painting
ART 3820
Photographic Arts
ART 3900
Studio Art Topics
  Art & Entrepreneurship
ART 3900
Studio Art Topics
  Ceramics Wheel Throwing II
ART 4520
Graphic Design Studio IV
ART 4900
Studio Art Topics
  Word - Voice - Power
AH 3260
Baroque and Rococo Art
AH 4111
The Representation and Theorization of Gender in the History of Art
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