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Production Calendars

Production Calendars

Tech Schedules/fittings/rehearsals
May 17, 2013

 Listed below are links to School of Theater Production Calendars-

These calendars detail rehearsal and build times for specific shows, class projects happening in studio space, and activity in shops. There are two links for each calendar, one is for iCal!  Please note that until we get closer to production dates, the calendars might be quite bare!

If you are looking for our season productions, this calendar will be much easier to read!  

       HTML                                                  For iCal

General Production Calendar           General Production Calendar iCal

Metamorphoses                               Metamorphoses iCal 

Swimming in the Shallows               Swimming in the Shallows iCal

Cloud Nine and Klauzal                    Cloud Nine and Klauzal- style projects iCal

Realism Projects                             Realism Projects iCal

The 39 Steps                                  The 39 Steps iCal

As You Like It                                 As You Like It iCal

Playfest and Readings                     Playfest and Readings iCal 

Baker Theater Kantner Hall             Baker Theater Kantner Hall iCal

Forum Theater Tech and Shops        Forum Theater Tech and Shops iCal

Hahne Studio Tech and Shops          Hahne Studio Tech and Shops iCal


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