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High School Senior Auditions!

High School Senior Auditions!

Please note, if you are a high school senior you may audition for scholarships but we do not (I repeat, do not) audition for a program until the end of your freshman year!  You may think of your first year of school as an audition, but that can be a little overwhelming.  The way we like to think of our audition policy is, we take more time to get to know you before we make a decision about whether you will fit our program.  Take some time to get to know us, come and visit!

   Prepare two monologues. They must be from plays written in the 20th or 21st centuries. The total time must not exceed three minutes.
  Your monologues should demonstrate your abilities. Always choose material that is within your range of life and stage experience. Parts which call for extremes of accent, age or occupation should be avoided. Instead of asking yourself "What does the faculty want?" a better question is "How can I best show them who I am?"
  Always read the whole script. You will gain insights into the life of your character and hints as to how the piece may be approached.
  Seek help from teachers or upperclassmen. Practice doing your pieces to someone else so you are not acting in a vacuum.
  You may stand or sit during your audition. Please do not use props.
  Wear appropriate clothing you can move freely in and that show you off at your best without distracting from your work.
  Begin your audition by introducing yourself and your pieces. Name two out of three facts regarding your monologues. [Name of Play, Author, Character]
  Example: Hello, I'm ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________. I'll be doing Nora from A Doll's House and a piece from Garson Kanin's Born Yesterday.
  After your introduction pause for a moment before beginning the first monologue. Many auditions go awry because of rushing.
  Do not make eye contact with the faculty during the monologues. Put the imaginary person/people you are talking to, to one side or beyond the faculty. When you finish, take a moment to let the last moment sink in.
  Then you will come and sit down for a short chat.
  Above all, enjoy your audition. Breathe, work with ease and remember you love to act.