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Resources & Materials


Undergraduate Handbook (2014-2015)

The School of Music Undergraduate Handbook is an important reference for students and faculty as it contains the policies, curricular requirements, and administrative practices established by the faculty of the School.

Click here to view the 2014-15 School of Music Undergraduate Handbook.


Graduate Handbook (2014-2015)

The graduate handbook is an important document for students and faculty as it contains information regarding curriculum, policies, regulations and procedures in the School of Music.

Click here to view the 2014-15 Graduate Handbook.

Performance Lab (PL) Syllabus - MUS 1090


Health and Safety Resources for Student Musicians


Ohio University Hearing, Speech & Language Clinic
Location:  Grover Center, W174
Phone:  (740)593-1404

Science and Health in Artistic Performance (SHAPe) Program
Location:  Third Floor, Putnam Hall

Contact:  Assistant Professor Jeff Russell, (740)593-4648


Instrumental Ensemble Audition Materials

(Revised August 18, 2014) Placement auditions for the Fall 2014 semester for Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony,and Symphony Orchestra will be held during the first week of classes. Note that some auditions will occur the weekend before classes begin. All auditions will take place in the Glidden Recital Hall except where noted. Marching 110 and jazz ensemble auditions are auditioned separately.



Audition schedule signups will be posted about two days before auditions begin, outside of Glidden Room 497. Results will be posted by either Wednesday noon (for Symphonic Band/Wind Symphony) or Thursday noon (for Orchestra).

Winds and percussion: All students wishing to audition for Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, or Symphony Orchestra should prepare the following excerpts. There is no audition required to participate in University Band (MUS 2512/5512).

Strings: Music majors auditioning for Symphony Orchestra should prepare the following excerpts. Nonmajors auditioning for Symphony Orchestra or Campus Orchestra may alternatively choose to perform a short selection of their choice, and/or scales.

Piano, Harp, and Keyboard: Assigned by department.

Sunday, August 24

  1. 1.30-2.30pm Bassoon
  2. 2.30-5pm Flute/Piccolo
  3. 7-9pm Saxophone


Monday, August 25

  1. 12-1pm Horn - backup location Glidden Room 472
  2. 2-4pm  Clarinets - backup location Glidden Room 101
  3. 4-5pm  Tuba
  4. 5-6pm Euphonium
  5. 7-9pm Trombones - backup location Glidden Room 101


Tuesday, August 26

  1. 1-2pm  Oboe/English Horn
  2. 2-6pm  Trumpet
  3. 7-10pm Percussion (on 6th floor)


Wednesday, August 27

  1. 1-4pm  Violin/Viola (please be available at 3.30-4pm for callbacks) - Glidden Room 494
  2. 7-7.45pm Double Bass - Glidden Room 494
  3. 7.45-9pm Cello  (please be available at 8.30-9pm for callbacks) - Glidden Room 494



Click your instrument to access PDF copies of the audition excerpts. Specific excerpts from the repertoire will be chosen at the audition, or otherwise notified by the applied faculty. Applied faculty may have additional works to prepare and/or sight-reading. 

Transposed parts should be played in the correct keys unless otherwise instructed. Prepare first parts (upper divisi) unless otherwise indicated.


First Rehearsals: 

  1. Campus Orchestra: Tuesday, 7pm, Glidden 494
  2. Symphonic Band: Thursday, 1.30pm, Glidden 101
  3. Symphony Orchestra: Thursday, 3.05pm, Glidden 101
  4. University Band: Thursday, 7.30pm, Glidden 101
  5. Wind Symphony: Wednesday, 2pm, Glidden 101

Application form for 2014 OU Concerto Competition


Please click the following link to access the 2014-2015 OU Concerto Competition Form; note that the deadline for application is Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. Finals are held on Sunday afternoon, 12/7/2014; and preliminaries are handled by division, and must be completed by Friday, 12/5/2014:

Concerto Applicant Form