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Sabrina Renkar

MFA 2015, Film


Sabrina Renkar

MFA 2015, Film

The daughter of a documentary filmmaker, Sabrina Renkar’s love of film began in utero. Her childhood was split between dreamy, peripatetic wanderings through the Arcadian woodlands of rural central Ohio and playing in the editing rooms of Columbus College of Art & Design as her mother taught video-style filmmaking next door. This essential bifurcation ultimately yielded a bookworm, boots-and-jeans country girl with eyebrow-raising penchant for westerns, film noir, Barbara Stanwyck movies, and a smattering of sub-genres that Netflix tends to label as “gritty, dark, violent, mind-bending dramas.” She earned an Honors B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing from Wittenberg University, where she received top marks for her senior thesis “Thinking Beyond Their Guns: The Violence and Vision of Sam Peckinpah and Sergio Leone.” That same year, Sabrina road-tripped west with her mom, who strapped Sabrina to the roof of their Jeep to shoot video b-roll of old Route 66 for a documentary currently in production. In her spare time, Sabrina is also a contributing film critic for the Drexel Theatre Newsletter, the weekly web publication for Columbus’ longest-running and most-beloved independent movie theater. With ever a foot in both worlds, Sabrina is interested in pursuing both cinema scholarship and narrative screenwriting as she continues to barrel down the highway of film life.

Educational Background:

Honors BA -English, Minor in Creative Writing- Wittenberg University, Ohio