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Daniel Caabeiro

Alumni, Film Studies, Film


Daniel Caabeiro

Alumni, Film Studies, Film

Daniel Caabeiro received his B.A. in History from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio with a concentration on the Chinese Nationalist era. Born and raised in Spain, his interests naturally include soccer, tapas, wine and enjoying spontaneity. He occasionally writes poetry for the North Coast Review and is at times involved with the Terrier Sound Marching Band, of which he is a former quads player and for which he was 'elected' Grand Marshall for Life.

Before enrolling at the School of Film, he hosted (with the assistance of Dr. Rick Hyde) a cinematheque for comedic auteurs at Hiram College. He's currently an instructor for the Evolution of American Crime Film class and was a former T.A. for Film 202 and 203. He's also currently working on his thesis, which deals with idyllic poetry and liberation in post-Franco Spanish rural cinema. His film interests include the works of Jose Luis Cuerda, Howard Hawks, Fernando Trueba and Woody Allen.

Educational Background:

B.A. History - Hiram College