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Advising and Planning

Advising & Schedule Planning

scheduling & planning*Academic Advisors

  • First Year Major Advisor: Tresa Randall
  • Second Year Major Advisor: Zelma Badu-Younge
  • Third Year Major Advisor: Mickie Geller
  • Fourth Year Major Advisor: Travis Gatling
  • Honors Tutorial Advisor: Tresa Randall
  • Minors Advisors: Travis Gatling and Tresa Randall
  • Transfer Students: Travis Gatling

*Academic advisors are subject to change

Schedule Planning

Dance majors and minors are assigned an advisor who helps them track their coursework. You must make and keep advising appointments in order to be sure School of Dance and Ohio University general education requirements are fulfilled. Your advisor will give you a copy of your Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) that records your course of study at Ohio University. It will have your Registration Access Code (RAC) and a scheduled time when you may register through the online registration process. Access to on-line registration will not be granted until after your have met with your advisor.

Your advisor should be informed of any serious academic, health or injury issues because these could impact your study in dance. In the event that another major or a minor is being pursued in addition to the dance degree, it is the student’s responsibility to secure advisement in these other areas to make sure that all requirements are being met.