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School of Dance, Film, and Theater


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Faculty and Staff Directory

Zelma Badu-Younge

Associate Professor of Dance: African, Modern, Jazz Techniques, Choreography, Dance Ethnography and World Culture

John Bohuslawsky

Technical Director/Lighting Designer:, Dance

Rani Deighe Crowe

Assistant Director of School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Travis D. Gatling

Associate Director, Professor: Modern, Ballet, Jazz Techniques and Black Dance Forms, Dance

Mickie Geller

Professor Emeritus of Dance: Choreography, Ballet, Modern, Senior Capstone

Debra L McAdoo

Assistant to the Director, Dance

Tresa Randall

Associate Professor of Dance: History, Modern, Ballet, Choreography

Madeleine Scott

Director of the School of Dance, Film, and Theater, Dance

Gladys Bailin Stern

Distinguished Professor of Dance: Choreography

Marina Gobins Walchli

Professor Emeritus of Dance: Kinesiology, Pilates, Dance Videography