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Welcome from the Director


Dancers in the 21st century need to develop and sustain presence and creative identity that will help support them in a dynamic and complex field. They need preparation to meet technical challenges presented in contemporary choreography, and they need to strengthen the intellectual skills essential to critical and theoretical thinking and creative problem solving.

The School of Dance values the integration of creative processes, technical skill and intellectual capacities in studio, classroom and performance experiences designed to encourage both collective and individual achievement.

Founded in 1969 by Shirley Wimmer, the Dance Division in the School of Dance, Film, and Theater is a charter member of the National Association of Schools of Dance and we are fully accredited by the Association. As part of the transformative learning community at Ohio University, we offer the Bachelor of Fine Arts in performance and choreography and Bachelor of Arts in dance through the College of Fine Arts. Our curriculum provides a foundation for achieving goals in a variety of career areas and for pursuing advanced study in dance and related fields. Our graduates have distinguished themselves as dancers, choreographers, producers, arts administrators, educators and therapists.

Students who want to study dance while pursuing other majors may complete a minor in Performance and Choreography, History and Theory, or Somatic Studies. Studio classes for the non-major are available in Modern, Ballet, Jazz and African techniques.

Demanding the best of individuals, encouraging the creative spirit through individual artistic growth, nurturing dance artists and citizens of the future--these are some of our goals at the Dance Division. Please join us.



Madeleine Scott

Founding Director of the School of Dance, Film, and Theater, Dance