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Endowed Scholarships

College of Fine Arts student scholarships and awards are a vital way that generous alumni, friends, faculty, and patrons of the arts can support and encourage the next generation of scholars, artists, and creative leaders. 

The criteria for our scholarships cover a wide range of student attributes ranging including full/part-time, undergraduate/graduate, financial need, grade point average, geography, work/life experience, and community involvement. 

Awarding these scholarships is a celebration of our academic and community values in the College of Fine Arts and we invite enthusiastic friends and alumni to contribute, at any level, to these existing scholarships to ensure the future of our diverse and talented student body.

Below are a handful of existing scholarships and awards.



Fine Arts



Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Dean's Discretionary N.A.
Athens Center Film & Video N.A.
Christine Delmer Brown N.A.
Frederick Leach Mem Book N.A.
Trisolini Print Project N.A.
Trisolini Gallery N.A.
Anthony Trisolini Gallery N.A.
OVST Endowment Student participating in OVST
COFA Visiting Artist Support for visiting artists
McConnaughy Online Gal Server for COFA
Parry/Billman Award Graduate student
Anthony Trisolini Memorial N.A.
Fine Arts Faculty Research N.A.
Black Bear Award Given to one entrant of the Athens Film Festival
The Aesthetics Technology N.A.
Ruth Bradley Fund for Visiting Artists Film artists for the Athens Film Festival





School of Art


Scholarship/Award Name Requirements
Art Discretionary N.A.
Ceramics N.A.
Graphic Design N.A.
Photography N.A.
Printmaking Program N.A.
Richard Clapp Memorial N.A.
Clarence White Lecture N.A.
Mary K Leonard N.A.
Arnold Gassan Photography Undergraduate student
Karen Nulf Scholarship Graphic Design, GPA 3.0
Stanley Blanchard Photography Graduate Photography, GPA 3.0
Harry & Grace Foster Memorial Visual arts
Walter & Sally Greene Memorial Graphic design, GPA 3.25, graduates of Cleveland area HS
Terry Shuchat Photography Photography, GPA 3.0
Kenneth Clifford Memorial Jr. or Sr. Painting or Printmaking
Francis Paulson Memorial Undergraduate, financial need, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics
Friends/Trisolini Gallery Graduate student
Charles Logan Smith Memorial Sr. in Graphic Design
LC Mitchell Memorial N.A.
Ceramics Visiting Artist N.A.
Charlotte Orlowski-Eicher Painting, financial need
Elliott Schnackenberg Sr. Photography
Kari Rosenberg Graphic Design
Becca Mead Scholarship Photography
Sue Wall Scholarship Painting, graduate or undergraduate
Martha & Foster Harmon Undergraduate student
John & Francis Hopkins N.A.
Countess Elizabeth Evans Interior Design, GPA 3.0
Marylou Cameron Scholarship Undergrad Interior Architecture, GPA 3.5
Edna Way Scholarship Jr. or Sr. basis of talent, academic achievement, financial need
Margaret Brown Krecker Sr. student, approved grad, painting, sculpture, ceramics
Rose Marie Darst Memorial Upperclass female, basis of talent and academic achievement
Sina Sidwell Rodgers Jr. or Sr. member of Oita Chapter of Delta Phi Delta
Paula Rockoff Handlin Freshman female photography
Seigfred Hall Renovations N.A.