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Duane McDiarmid

Professor of Sculpture + Expanded Practice

(740) 593-4288

Duane McDiarmid

Professor of Sculpture + Expanded Practice

Duane McDiarmid, has been actively engaged in the construction of sculptures, performances and events that he calls ‘projects’ that explore the changing states of physical and cultural environment. McDiarmid’s primary strategy is to embody the conditions of what he is most un-sure or critical of in culture. . ‘I am a participant, a part of all the problems of my culture.’ McDiarmid states that he enjoys ‘wearing the costume of the unclear,’ claiming there is an ‘abracadabra sate’ that allows him and others to better see. His recent projects have focused on social intersections where new technologies are impacting and revealing cultural values and personal belief structures. Using a lens more shamanistic then scientific McDiarmid searches for common denominators between large natural systems, social issues and personal concerns or experiences. His work attempts to carve a discursive space for the individual.

Three times McDiarmid has been awarded project support for the development of ‘New forms’ in the arts by regional offices of the National Endowment for the Arts in conjunction with the Rockefeller Foundation. Notable exhibitions include: solo exhibitions at the Delaware Center for contemporary Art, and Leedy Voulkus Contemporary Art Center; inclusion in The inaugural Wat:son Exhibition, Carnegie Mellon University; and several wilderness projects that have been reviewed in the New Art Examiner, High Performance, The New YorkTimes, Art Paper, Dialogue and the newspapers of many American cities.

McDiarmid is currently associate professor of Art at Ohio University, a post he has held for 15 years, and where he has served as the chair of the Sculpture and Expanded Practice area, as the School of Art’s Director of Graduate Programs, and on the University Faculty Senate. McDiarmid is currently on the steering committee for the College of Fine Art’s Aesthetic Technology Lab: @-lab. McDiarmid’s teaching includes both undergraduate and graduate studies in the visual fine arts and as a FPL (faculty lead) for seniors in electrical engineering’s research practicum.

McDiarmid continues to disseminate his creative work that employs interactive technology and Internet sites within sensual sculptural environments situated both within galleries and museums and on sites in remote landscapes.

Educational Background:

MFA Florida State University BFA Kansas City Art Institute.