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Financial Aid & Scholarships


Admissions & Tuition


Students can earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Art History or Studio Art, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in studio art (Ceramics, Painting + Drawing, Printmaking, Photography + Integrated Media, Sculpture + Expanded Practice, Interior Architecture, and Graphic Design).

All students have a shared experience during their first year in the Foundations program. This program provides students with a basis for critical and creative thinking by giving them a broad range of experiences in the studio and in the classroom. This program also gives students the opportunity to integrate their general educational studies with their development as growing artists and scholars. Once students complete this aspect of the program, most of the explorations focus upon study within a chosen area of specialization.

Students must have a minimum overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 to apply to any BFA major within the School of Art + Design. Please refer to the specific application requirements for your intended major. To remain a major, students must maintain the 2.75 overall GPA and a 3.0 in their major area of study. The BFA degree requires an exhibition of each student's artworks as the crowning event in their program.


Admission Requirements

All students enter the School of Art + Design as either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) studio art or art history major. Studio art students may continue in the BA track, or apply for admission into a BFA degree during their second year of study. You need to meet the general University requirements in order to be accepted. A portfolio is required only if you are interested in applying for a scholarship or if you are a transfer student.


Transfer Requirements

Transfer policy for students attending another institution of higher learning

• Must enroll as a general art major and complete a required program of Foundations and Studio courses or equivalent courses

• To apply for credit for studio course work completed at another institution, submit the following: A copy of all college transcripts, a portfolio of original work or digital images (flat pieces only, all 3-D work must be digitally submitted). Digital images must be submitted on a CD as a 72dpi jpgs that are no larger than 1000pixels in any dimension. Please include a numbered slide list that corresponds to the images you have submitted as well as an artist statement and a self-addressed stamped envelope. These materials can be sent to the Director of Foundations, Transfer Portfolio Review, School of Art + Design, Seigfred Hall, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701 prior to the following Evaluation dates: May 1 (Fall and Summer entries) and October 1 (Spring entries).

Click Here for transfer information from the Ohio University Office of Admissions.



First-Year Scholarships

There are two categories of scholarships for incoming undergraduates, one category administered by the School of Art + Design and the other by Ohio University.


Scholarships Administered by the School of Art + Design

All applications are due February 20 (no exceptions).

All the awards are for incoming first-year students who have already been accepted both at Ohio University and by the School of Art + Design. These talent-based scholarships are awarded on the potential of individual students, determined by the Scholarship and Honors Committee.


Fine Arts Talent Awards (FATA)

These scholarships are available to incoming first-year students who choose to submit a portfolio for review as per the guidelines below. Fine Arts Talent Awards range in amount between $1500 and $5000. These awards are renewable based on the successful completion of a minimum of 15 credits per semester and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Additionally, to maintain the award, students must remain a major in the College of Fine Arts.


Fine Arts Talent Trustee Award

This is a four-year renewable award which provides a partial discount ($5,000) to the non-Ohio resident surcharge. Eligibility for this award is based on a combination of talent and academic merit. Renewal is based on the successful completion of a minimum of 15 credits per semester and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.



All applications must be completed through the online application service at,


The fee for each application is $10.00. You may apply to either Studio Arts or Art History, or both.


For either scholarship application (FATA or Trustee Talent Award)

Download here, complete, and submit the Scholarship Application Form as a PDF.


For application in the Studio Arts

In addition to the Scholarship Application Form, please submit 15 digital images of artistic work with information on each artwork, and include at least 3 drawings done from 3 dimensional objects. Include a list of all the artworks.


For applications in Art History

In addition to the Scholarship Application Form, please submit one writing sample of three to five pages in length as a PDF.

For applications to both Art History and Studio Arts

Submit all materials as described above.

You will receive a confirmation message upon submission of the application.

We will not consider incomplete application. Please DO NOT send applications through the mail or deliver in person the application with original artworks; they will NOT be accepted and the original artworks will NOT be returned.

Notification: All applicants are notified by email in early April. Please do not call or contact us about the status of your application before April 15.

Decisions made by the Scholarship and Honors Committee at the School of Art + Design on all the scholarship awards are final.


Ohio University Scholarships:

Funds for academically talented and creatively gifted students are offered by Ohio University through a variety of scholarships including the new Fall 2014 OHIO Signature Awards. Students are automatically considered for freshman scholarships by virtue of applying for admissions via the freshman application for admissions and being admitted by February 1, 2015. In addition to the many types of OHIO Signature Awards, all majors in the College of Fine Arts are included in the select Ohio University Programs eligible for OHIO Focus Awards.

Because many scholarships also require verification of financial need, all scholarship applicants are strongly encouraged to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15, 2015. Ohio University's federal school code is 003100. In addition, those interested in freshman scholarships are required to furnish valid ACT/SAT scores to the Office of Admissions. Scores on file by March 15 will be used for scholarship eligibility determination.


Ohio University Scholarships can be stacked with scholarships and awards from the School of Art + Design up to the cost of attendance.


For complete information on the new Fall 2015 OHIO Signature Awards please click here.


Endowed Scholarships

Upper Class Scholarships


Endowed Funds

IMPORTANT: You must fill out the online Scholarship Application by the March 16 deadline in order to be considered for any of these scholarships. You can find the application here. During the first priority period from mid-January through mid-March there will be a link on the page.

The School of Art + Design has a number of Endowed Scholarships for upperclassmen. These scholarships are not always based on GPA. Endowed Scholarships are awarded based on faculty recommendations. In order to be considered for recommendation, you must fill out the online scholarship application by the March 16 deadline. Names on the scholarship screen are forwarded to the area faculty, who then make recommendations based on those names.

Art History, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Foundations

March 16: Area Chairs will be sent a list of students whose names appear on the scholarship screen and asked for their recommendations.

April 11 (this date is approximate): Names will be turned into Financial Aid, who will make sure that the students qualify for the funds.

End of April: Students will be contacted via email about the award money and asked to write a thank you to the donor. Failure to write the thank you will result in the student being ineligible for any further awards.


Graphic Design


There are a number of endowed scholarships earmarked for graphic design majors, including Edna Way Scholarship (students must demonstrate financial need), Kari Rosenberg Scholarship, Walter and Sally Greene Memorial Art Award, Karen S. Nulf Scholarship, and Charles Logan Smith Memorial Award for Excellence in Graphic Design. These awards are made at the Graphic Design banquet which takes place in May. Students will receive their official notification of the award following the banquet. Your name must be on the scholarship screen in order to be considered for a Graphic Design Award.

IMPORTANT: Graphic Design Majors still must apply for a scholarship online by March 16 even though the award ceremony takes place in May. You can find the application here.

During the first priority period from mid-January through mid-March there will be a link on the page.


Dean's Scholarships


Upper Class Dean’s Scholarships

• Dean’s Scholarships are awarded based on faculty recommendations.

• IMPORTANT: You must fill out the online Scholarship Application by the March 16 deadline in order to be considered for a Dean’s Scholarship. You can find the application here.

• During the first priority period from mid-January through mid-March there will be a link on the page. You are not eligible for a Dean’s Scholarship if you have not applied for a scholarship by March 16. You also must be registered for 16 hours in spring or you will not qualify even if you have the GPA and overall credit hours.



March 16: Area Faculty sent a list of names on the scholarship screen that are eligible for a Dean’s Scholarship.

March 25: Area Faculty will give recommendations

Early April: Names are sent to Financial Aid.


Dean’s Scholarship Facts

 • Approximately $10,000 for 2008/2009 (Amounts may vary)

 • Dean’s Scholarships range from $1,200 to $2,000

 • At least three foundations students awarded Dean’s

 • 3.0 GPA

 • 32 Hours earned for fall and winter combined, 16 hours in spring quarter

 • Not eligible if 192+ hours have been earned.

 • Last quarter seniors need only pursue 12 credit hours in the quarter they graduate to retain funding. This also applies to students studying abroad.