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Tax Exempt Purchases

Purchases made in Ohio:

Ohio University is exempt from sales tax in the State of Ohio.  You can take advantage of the University’s tax exempt status any time you make a purchase using an official purchasing system of the University.  Purchases made using your P-Card, DPs and POs are tax exempt.  However, purchases made with cash or on your personal credit card are subject to sales tax.

When making a tax exempt purchase, make sure to notify the vendor before the transaction that you are making a tax exempt purchase for Ohio University.  If requested, please present the vendor with a copy of the University's Blanket Exemption Certificate for Ohio.

Purchases made on campus:

If making a purchase on campus using your P-Card, make sure to ALWAYS state that you are using your P-Card and making a tax exempt purchase. Even on campus most customers are subject to sales tax, so the cash registers are programmed to automatically charge sales tax.

Purchases made in other states:

Purchases made online or by mail order that are shipped to Ohio are also exempt from sales tax.  In order to claim tax exemption, make sure to notify the vendor that you are making a purchase for Ohio University and that Ohio University is exempt from tax in the State of Ohio.

When traveling, always check the Tax Compliance website before you leave to find out if Ohio University is exempt from sales tax at your destination and if any paperwork is needed to claim the tax exemption.

Sales tax exemption forms