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Frequently Asked Questions

Contacts for some of the most frequently asked tax questions are listed below.

Question related to:

Areas of coverage:

Responsible Area:

Primary Contact Information:

Accounts Payable

  • Form 1099 
  • Payment Compliance Form

Finance Service Center/Accounts Payable

Finance Customer Care


Employee Benefits

  • Education Benefit 
  • Moving Expenses

University Human Resources


(740) 593-1636


Nonresident Aliens

  • U.S. Tax Classification 
  • Tax Treaty Benefits 
  • Form W-8 
  • Form 8233 
  • Form 1042-S

Tax Compliance

Kell Morton

(740) 597-1721



  • Pay schedule 
  • Withholding information 
  • Form W-2 
  • Form W-4




Sales Tax

  • University as buyer 
  • University as seller 
  • Exemption forms 
  • Reporting forms

Tax Compliance Manager

Betsy Haehl

(740) 597-1417



  • Form 1098-T 
  • American Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Hope Tax Credit

Bursar’s Office


(740) 593-9589

Tax Policy

  • Tax policy interpretation 
  • General tax questions 
  • New tax policies

Tax Compliance

Kris Sano

(740) 597-9933



Travel (employee)

  • Travel expense report (TER) 
  • Tax issues/ questions around employee travel and reporting

Travel Office

PCard & Travel Helpline


Travel (nonemployee)

  • Tax issues/ questions around nonemployee travel and reporting

Finance Service Center/Accounts Payable

Finance Service Center


Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

  • Reporting information 
  • Form 990-T 
  • Tax issues/ questions around existing and potential UBIT activities

Tax Compliance

Kris Sano

(740) 597-9933



Other Tax Questions


Tax Compliance

Betsy Haehl

(740) 597-1417