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15-015 CPF-SW OU Southern - Soccer Fields & Related Improvements TBD
15-028 CPF-SW College of Business CSC Expansion & Building Renovation 4/29/15
15-029 CPF-SW OU Bike Path Rehabilitation, Richland to Stimson Ave 4/21/15
15-030 CPF-SW Memorial Auditorium Repairs - Phase 2 4/28/15
15-031 CPF-SW OU Carper Park 5/5/15
15-032 CPF-SW Crawford Hall Bathroom Rehabilitation 5/6/15
15-033 CPF-SW Residence Director Apartment Renovations - 2015 5/12/15

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BT15-003 CPF-RP OUS - HVAC Improvement, Lawrence County
BT15-018 CPF-SW College Green Exterior Painting/Repair
BT15-019 CPF-SW Read Hall Roof Rehabilitation
BT 15-024 CPF-SW Ping Center Steam Line Replacement
BT15-026 CPF-SW College Green Upgrade Class Gate
BT 15-021 CPF-SW OU Baker Center Garage Surface Deck Repairs
BT 15-022 CPF-SW OUE Health/PE Center Roof Replacement
BT 15-023 CPF-SW MacKinnon Hall Electrical & Fire Alarm
BT 15-025 CPF-SW OU-Bobcat Lane Intersection
BT 15-027 CPF SW Baker Center Turn around and Oxbow Trail Rehabilitation