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15-005 CPF-SW Revised Central Classroom Bldg To be rebid
15-007 CPF-SW The Patton College - McCracken Hall Renovation & Addition 1/20/15
15-009 CPF-SW OUE Shannon Hall HVAC upgrade FY 15-Belmont County 1/21/15
15-010 CPF-SW West Green Chiller 2 & Porter Hall CHW Branch Replacement 1/23/15

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BT 15-005 CPF-SW OU Central Classroom Bldg
BT-15-006 CPF-RP Ellis Hall Cooling Tower Replacement
BT-15-008 CPF-SW Stocker Center Sprinkler Replacement FY 2015
BT-15-003 CPF-RP OUS - HVAC Improvement, Lawrence County