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Financial Aid Refunds

If you receive financial aid in excess of­ your tuition and fees for a given term, a refund­ will be issued­ to you. ­Refunds ­of financial aid funds cannot be issued before the­ term begins. Your financial aid disbursement is based on your current enrollment and if you have completed all requirements to receive your financial aid. ­­You may check your awards on your My OHIO Student Center.

All excess credit that occurs on­ your account will be refunded to ­you by check or by direct deposit to your bank account. You can enroll in direct deposit on your My OHIO Student Center. ­­Refunds by direct deposit are processed Monday through Friday during the first three weeks of the semester. After the third week of the semester, refunds by direct deposit are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Checks are mailed only on Fridays.

Refunds of Parent PLUS Loan proceeds are mailed directly to the parent borrower at the address submitted from the Parent PLUS promissory note. Checks are mailed only on Fridays.

Aid disbursed for the semester can be viewed on you My OHIO Student Center.  At the time a refund is processed, the financial aid exceeded University charges for the term in which the aid was disbursed.

Financial aid or graduate scholarship recipients who are not registered in the required number of hours or who are no longer attending for the refunded term must return any funds that were refunded.   Failure to return funds may result in a hold being placed on your account and your account eventually being turned over to the Ohio Attorney General if unpaid.  Additionally, you may be ineligible to receive financial aid in the future.

Non-Financial Aid Refunds

A request for a refund of non-financial aid credits should be submitted to bursar@ohio.edu.­­Requests must be sent from your ­Ohio­ University­ email account and include your name and PID number.­­If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, you must also include your address.­­ Refunds from non-financial aid sources will not be refunded until 14 days after payment is posted to your account.

Stop Payments

A stop payment can be placed on the check and a new one can be issued after 14 days of issuance if the check is not received by the student or parent borrower. The student (or parent borrower for PLUS loan proceeds) will need to contact the Office of the Bursar.­­A Stop Payment Request Form must be completed and signed before a stop payment can be placed on the original check and a new refund issued.

Special Refund Addresses

Students that need to have their refund mailed to an address other than their local address must contact the Office of the Bursar by email (bursar@ohio.edu)­ or in person.

Stale Dated Checks

Refund checks not cashed within­ 180 days of issuance are not valid. These checks will have a stop payment placed and­cannot be cashed.

The stale dated check proceeds will be processed in the following order:

  • Applied to a current or past due balance (within the same award year or credit $200 and under if financial aid funds)
  • Applied to borrower’s loan if applicable (Federal Direct Loans or Perkins)
  • Reissued to payee
  • Placed in forfeiture holding account