Budget Development Tools

These resources are intended for individuals involved in the current year detailed budget development. ­

If you are interested in learning more about the general budget process and related resources, please view the “Budget Basics” section of our website.



Important News:

To assist with planning unit Financial Projections, BPA has compiled the following resources:

  • FY16 Budget Planning Assumptions
    • Contains updated budget planning assumptions for FY16 planning
  • FY16 Budget Process Presentation
    • Presentation given at Budget Process Discussion Meetings
  • The Budget Manual
    • Contains budget guidance and preliminary planning assumptions.
  • THE Budget Sheet (blank template)
    • THE Budget Sheet has been loaded with historical data for each planning unit and saved to each planning unit’s respective bpa shared drive in the FY16 folder.
    • Please note that each sheet in this file is protected, but if needed it may be unprotected without a password. 
  • Budget Packet (blank template)
    • NOTE:  This budget packet has not yet been updated with new healthcare and variable benefit assumptions or hierarchy changes.  The Budget Packet will be updated by April 6th, 2015.  Populated budget packets will be available by April 13th.
    • Budget packets may be used to assist in the budget planning process, but please note that the healthcare and variable benefits rates may change as planning assumptions are revised.
  • FY16 Budget Packet Submission Schedule
    • Groups A, B, and C by Planning Unit with submission dates
  • THE Budget Sheet versus Budget Packet Reconciliation Tool
    •  Please note that each sheet in this file is protected, but if needed it may be unprotected without a password. 


  • The following models have been developed with Spring planning assumptions and inputs. They are saved to the bpa shared drive at: bpa\Budget_Training_Materials\FY16
    • Allocated Cost Model
    • Tuition Model
    • Depreciation Model
    • Subvention Figures - will be published by 3/20
    • Subsidy Model - will be published by 3/20
    • Space Data
    • Endowment Distributions
    • PACE & Workstudy Guidance



FY15 Budget Packet
This file is used for FY15 budget development.  The budget packet has been modified to include THE Budget Sheet categories and structure.

Budget Packet Tips
This document contains tips to enable budget packet functionality.

Budget Packet Detailed Instructions
This document contains detailed guidance for completing budget packets.

Budget Packet Submission Schedule
This document contains the FY15 Budget Packet Submission Schedule for Groups A, B, and C.

FY15 Budget Packet Detailed Guidance - Excel File
This spreadsheet contains guidance on:  THE Budget Sheet Accounts, Allocation Amounts by Unit, THE Budget Sheet Lines TIE OUT, Grad Waivers, PACE & Workstudy, Grants & Foundation, Internally Restricted, and Natural Account Changes under RCM

THE Budget Sheet to Budget Packet Reconciliation Tool Instructions
THE Budget Sheet to Budget Packet Reconciliation Tool
THE Budget Sheet to Budget Packet Reconciliation Tool Unlocked
This reconciliation tool and corresponding instructions are designed to reconcile THE Budget Sheet to multiple budget packets.

RCM Revenue Allocations
This document contains Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Guarantee and Subsidy Allocations by Planning Unit.

Indirect Cost Allocations
This spreadsheet contains Indirect Cost Allocations by Cost Pool for each Responsibility Center

Endowment Appropriations Report
This report contains FY2015 Net Spending Allocation Amounts by Planning Unit.

Debt Schedule
This spreadsheet outlines outstanding Direct Debt by Planning Unit.­ It is broken out by Debt Service (principal+interest), Principal, and Interest.

Budget Manual Document
Budget Manual Presentation

This budget manual provides planning assumptions and parameters for building the FY15 budget.­

RI Distribution Process
This is a visual representation of the previous and current Indirect Cost Recovery process.­

Administrative Budget Hearings

Frequently Asked Questions
Investment Request Template - Sample
PowerPoint Template
Guidance on PowerPoint Template




Budget Packets

FY2013-2014 Budget Packet
This blank budget packet can be used for new cost centers, cost centers that did not automatically prepopulate, or in place of any prepopulated budget packet if desired.

FY2013-2014 Budget Packet Instructions
These instructions outline the technical components of how to complete a budget packet and what to include on each tab.

FY2013-2014 Budget Packet Submission Schedule
This schedule assigns Planning Units to one of three groups with a corresponding submission deadline.

Budget Guidance

FY2013-2014 Planning Budget Guidance Assumptions
Emailed on 4/5/13 & 4/8/13
This contains high level budget guidance used in the development of THE Budget Sheet, including:

  • Summarized Budget Submission
  • Fund Structure of THE Budget Sheet
  • Revenue and Expense Projection Guidelines
  • Forecasts for FY2015, FY2016, and FY2017
  • PACE & Workstudy Example

FY2013-2014 Budget Packet Detailed Guidance
Emailed on 5/15/13
This file provides specific details for use as budget packets are completed, including:

  • THE Budget Sheet Accounts
  • Allocation Amounts by Unit
  • THE Budget Sheet Lines TIE OUT
  • Grad Waivers, PACE & Workstudy, Grants & Foundation, Internally Restricted
  • Natural Account Changes under RCM

FY2013-2014 Highlights & Updates on THE Budget Sheet to Budget Packet Conversion
Emailed on 6/14/13
This memo contains highlights and updates on THE Budget Sheet to Budget Packet Conversion, including:

  • Tying out Salaries versus Benefits
  • Budget Guidance
  • Reconciliation of the final THE Budget Sheet vs. Budget Packets
  • Subvention
  • Budget Assistance